Names in Stonehearth


Hey all!

As someone who is very interested in the role playing elements in the game and not just the building mechanics, I have been wondering what is going to be taken into account with name generation. I am a big fan of medieval names, and would like the names that are generated in Stonehearth to fit its setting at least a little bit. Yes, I understand that the world is at least partly fantasy, but I have a few questions regarding names:

  1. I know that certain backers will have the option of including their name in the pool that will be used for settlers. (I’m jealous) Are the devs choosing the other (Im assuming long) list of names?

2)If one of my settlers is named Tofer Toferson Jr., can I change it to something I am more enthusiastic about? I ask only because I would have trouble following someone named as such into battle, and consequently having someone named as such would lessen my enjoyment of the game.

What are your thoughts guys? Thanks.


I don’t have a quote but I am 99% sure they said in one of the live streams that you can name your settlers - hope that helps!


Only 99%?

Thanks. Looks like this is cleared up.

I shall remedy this by watching all the live streams!


@Geoffers747 I add the 1% on top if you allow ^^. They even mentioned that they are thinking about adding the option to rename characteristic areas, like a large forest.


@Geoffers747 and @voxel_pirate have the right of it… when i heard that in the last stream (about possibly renaming a forest, etc.) i… well… yes, i squeeed…

oh, the shame of it all…


That would be cool. I like the idea of being able to name the regions in-game as my characters explore the world. “don’t go into the Geoffers Sausage Cave. There are some things that can’t be unseen.”


I rue the day I mentioned legendary sausages.

But seriously, steer clear of the cave, there are some nasty things in there …


[quote=“Geoffers747, post:7, topic:792”]
there are some nasty things in there …
[/quote] but when I went in there was only a sign saying “Back in 15minutes” :-S …

…oh and a single sausage on a plate


… You didn’t touch it did you?!


Wellll… (looks awkwardly towards to ceiling) I might of prodded it just to make sure it as real, but I did wash my hands first in that sink in the cave next door