Name Generation exceptions


I’m not quite a fan of having a settler named “Penn Yiss

I’ve had him join my village a few times… sneaky fellow, doesn’t make the best of decisions, cocks up most of his construction work, and tends to be asleep most of the day!

Anyways, is there any way to modify which names can go together from the naming pool?

(Un?)Fortunate Naming Circumstances

No pun intended of course… :laughing:


I don’t know how to change the names in the naming pool but you can always just change them after you’ve started the game. Make sure you hit enter key after typing the name you want or it won’t save it.


Nice GIF!

I’m more interested in customising it in the long run so that you can group first and last names together, i.e. “Thor Thorensson” sounds badass, whereas “Thor Johnson” isn’t that great.

Also, Mard is Stoned :smile:


You bet! If you unpack the stonehearth mod (rename smod to zip, then unzip), look for a file called ascendancy.json. Edit away!


given @deakon’s penchant for very helpful animated .gifs, i’m sensing a new title on the horizon… :smile: :+1:


I R Animated :blush:


I once had two guys with the exact same first and last names in my starting seven. Awkward!