Name generator duplicates

another obscure little thing:

two hearthlings were given the same name, which may not be a bug, but it’s kinda confusing when you make a mental note to promote ‘Rhea Grail’ to a carpenter and then there’s two lol

thanks :slight_smile:

edit: a16


I’ve also noticed that it reuses last names. I have an entire ‘Founder’ family :D!

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First you can rename them ingame like you want :wink: second this is normal there are only 63 male names, 79 female names and 55 surnames … so it can happen that it duplicate ^^ perhaps radiant will add more names later :wink: if you want you can also enter own names - its in the ascendancy_population.json ^^

Hi! I’m new to StoneHearth… Just got it today after the .17 announcement… Where do I find that file?

No clue but if you just run grep -r or the Windows equivalent in the directory for any of the names, you should be able to find it.

@realm174, that file is inside the stonehearth.smod in the /mods folder. To access the file, you’ll need to rename stonehearth.smod to, unzip it, and open \services\server\population\data. You should see the population file there. Open it with your favorite text editor. The game will read the folder just like an smod, and I am not sure which it prefers, so if you make changes I would move the smod somewhere else for safekeeping.

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It seems to prefer the unzipped version. When A17 was released, I had an unzipped version of A16 along with the A17 .smod, and the game launched the Unzipped folder.

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Good to know, thanks @thelegorebel!

Sweet, thanks for the info, I’ll go have a look in there. With those instructions, I’m sure it’ll be going just fine. Thanks for the very detailed step by step, much appreciated!

To be clearer, when A17 released, I had in my modes folder, the unzipped stonehearth, and the other three. When it downloaded A17, it didn’t replace the A16 folder, it just added the .smod. So if you decide to make any changes to the current version, any new updates Radiant pushes won’t take effect until the old unzipped folder is removed. It might be a little tedious to keep re-naming, un-zipping, and changing that file right now.

So if I understand this well @thelegorebel, if I extract the ascendancy_population.json file, make changes to it, and put it back inside the smod, then it will be overwritten on the next update (obviously). However, if I were to recreate the folder structure, and keep only that json file in the folder, would it take precedence over the smod? In other words, the whole new smod would be read, but the modified json would be used instead of the one inside the smod? Or am I understanding this completely wrong? I am asking, because I am updating that json file to have about 300 of each given names (M/F) and about 250 surnames. I would hate to have to re-modify that file every time… Any suggestions on how I could simplify my process here? Thanks!

nope you must do this everytime^^ when im home i will make you an mod so that it will overwrite it manually ^^

Appreciated @Wiese2007, it might be useful to other players, but I got this under control. Just finished writing a small VB application that takes 3 text files as source (Male, Female, Surnames) and updates the json inside the smod automatically. Your mod would certainly be more suitable for other folks tho, as most people hesitate (understandably enough) to download EXE files from strangers :slight_smile:

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you don’t wanna see the names I come up with:

John Wood, Amanda Smith, David Taylor…

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Could be much worse @jjjshab :slight_smile:

I actually used given names and surnames from old English, for something different… So they still sound English, but nothing so common by today’s standards :slight_smile: And considering the number of names available, hopefully I won’t get too many duplicates :slight_smile:


@yshan can this still occur in A18? I don’t see anything that would prevent the same name from being “randomly” selected for two Hearthlings.