Fun Coincidences

So I’m pretty new to Stonehearth. My husband got it from HumbleBundle last week, and we’ve both been playing ever since. We also just had our first baby 3 weeks ago. Stonehearth has been a good game to play with a newborn around :wink:

So on to the fun coincidence. Our daughter’s name is Willow. She’s sweet and easy and is usually sleeping in my arms while I play. I’ve created a few “throwaway” games to figure out gameplay and mess around without ruining a game that I’ve put a lot of time and effort into.

I’ve made two “serious” games so far to play through (I lost the first save file so made another, lol). The first one I created and settled in popped up with the random town name of Willowlad. I thought that was a cute coincidence and given my daughter’s name of course I had to keep it. I was a little sad to lose that game, but I started another one and settled only to have the random settlement name pop up as Willowmoor.

I just thought it was a lot of fun that both times I’ve made games with the intention of playing through, they both had randomly generated names incorporating Willow :slightly_smiling: I know it’s a complete coincidence, but it definitely has endeared me to the game that much more.

Thanks for reading my totally random thoughts! :wink:

-Apple and future gamer Willow