Growing Kids/Children and Families

I had a good idea for stonehearth “families” or “breeding”.
If you build a house with atleast 2 beds and a plushie toy there is a chance that two hearthlings (the two beds must be assigned to by a male and female) will make either 1 or 2 babies. They will be born with the same surname as the male parent (but can be changed, both surname and forename) and grow into kids who wander the town until they become adults and can be given a job.

Its a good idea but it is a bit wonky and adds unneeded lagg

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the stonehearth team already said no to children… they are very against the idea


I think we get this suggestion at least a couple of times a month… People really need to do some basic searches before posting


Yea, no kids because kids + goblins = dead kids.

Next time I want that, I’ll boot Dwarf Fortress back up and sacrifice some useless children to a giant spider.

They have said repeatedly it’s not something they intend to do, if its something to be done it’ll be done via mods.

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A serious suggestion is to put this in the FAQ section explaining why to prevent more threads like this from popping up?

Or someone work on a mod! While I’m not really up for it it clearly has a base who wants something like this. .w.

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I would rather have hearthlings have children IMO… but it was already stated to never happen so unless a modder does it its out of the question.

I still dont get why they are against the whole idea of children. I mean Minecraft has Baby Villagers that die, so if the Stoneheath devs adds children to Stonehearth wouldnt it still have a ages 8+ rating still? I mean what is the difference.


Yeah, you are very right.

I wish this was something they would impliment, but I get the reasons why they wouldn’t.
First the obvious of you don’t want dead kids. The second being, it would make the timeline very complicated having them grow up. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that went an entire year, yet a lone a decade, so it would be weird if they grew up in just a month or something.