Family Option / Shared Rooms

Hey everyone ! Im not sure if it was mentioned before like what ive searched for i didnt found anything.
Well wouldnt it be nice if the hearthlings would come together randomly, the main thing is why im asking about that is this Sharing Room attribute. And instead to just spawn Randomly a Hearthling they could even birth one ? Not sure about that stuff what you say ? p.s eh sorry, ive should have put that into suggestions…
Edit: ok forgett it ive found that there were alredy some threads about it just delete that xD

I’m not 100% sure, and of course, this is just one factor but I think a dev mentioned at some point that one of the factors why they didn’t want to add child hearthlings into the game would be attacks. For example, if all your hearthlings die then your baby hearthlings will die, and to have a game with dead children on the floor…?

That’s all I can remember I’m afraid!

I think there could be siblings and room mates / best friends in stonehearth that share quarters, but not children as the devs said.

though they already look like kids so I really dont get that at all. it really doesnt make sense. I guess it already looks bad enough as is but its acceptable because of the style of the game. taking it too far though would definitely make it wierd

I think rimworld can get away with a lot because its 2D and the characters are more detached and its a different interaction than in stonehearth where everything is 3D the harsh things that happen in rimworld would be absolutely brutally depressing in stonehearth, especially because of its more positive theme

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Even the RimWorld base game doesn’t have children. As far as I know, the youngest person you see is at least 16.

I like the idea of Hearthling families with siblings and parents and older generations and such (maybe even personal relationships eventually?), but kids just aren’t necessary for me in this game.


yah that baby option was just becouse of this random spawn point of the hearthlings, sometimes they like to spawn on top of a mountain XD.
But this room sharing thing would be cool like you sayd “personal relationship”, another thing what i was thinking about is some trade options by urself ^^, like sending a hearthling to the another castle like we know from the event with that npc “i dont remember the name now… where shes telling you about the Kingdom” to increase reputation and have some manual trade routes it wouldnt even be necessary to create that kingdom just to implement it into the events like they do with the Traders “example your hearthling needs 48h to reach the castle” and or to ask for assistance ?

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yeah they should definitely spawn on the edge of the map. just like rimworld. I think all monsters should do the same. it makes a lot of sense and would force the AI to find a path to your base rather than spawning on top of it. and on their way they may mar the landscape.

I agree that enemies and traders should spawn from the edges of the map and walk towards the town/village… with maybe one exception… there could be monsters in caverns while mining or something… but not near where your town is… like im ok if they dig into an area and run into enemies… but im not ok with a random wolf pack randomly spawning right on top of my town inside my town walls.

And i would still prefer there to be a birth system over having to generate hearthlings… i like the idea of hearthlings having families ect… for children you could just make it so that when they “spawn” the children the children already appear grown up… it would still be better than this artificial “you need x amount of money ect to have a new hearthling”.

or… you can get more creative… and have children in the game… but if your entire town is overrun/killed the monsters will instead take the kids and raise them themselves… make it part of the world of stonehearth where even the monsters and wild animals respect children and would not harm them… or something…

I just really hate the new hearthling system and would prefer hearthlings having real families.

Hearthlings having families would make the game even more adorable than it already is… could go fishing with their children for off work time or eat dinner with their family in their own home (which you could designate) or something… it would make the world feel more real and alive… you could then craft toys for the children to keep them happy… I feel that would add alot to the game and im sure there is some way it could be done.


yah, i like the game how it is developing but yet the interaction betwene the hearthlings have no sense at all, it should get some effects of it like “family” or partnership / friendship etc and the spawn areas are really bad

p.s, there would be an easy solution for that “programm mountains that spawnable objects dont spawn on them so kinda block it” and make spawns idk… like 10-20 blocks away from around your buildings “as minimum”

I believe the game already checks if spawned things can reach your town before placing them, and deletes enemies if they go too long without being able to reach your town. It doesn’t always work perfectly, though.
(Someone correct me if I’m wrong.) And the game calculates an area around your buildings to not spawn enemies in - well, the center of your buildings, which means walls sometimes don’t count like they should… but it’s there. Definitely could use some reworking, though.

i dont think it does it hearthlings still spawn on a mountain if ur next to one and as soon as u place some ladders that the hearthling can come down than camps are spawning there too :wink: and i dont think there is a spawn check “well yah it is it spawns random objects to the areas u have alredy revealed or your hearthling was alredy there” if it is than using a center is static spawn programming where here it is not or cant be, spawn area restrict to minimum range of like 10 blocks is easy programming and automaticly delete/restric a certain spawn area too,using a hearthling to spawn inside your town too there is just a random spawn to all objects