Questions and Maybe Suggestions of a Newcomer


I am new to this board and I have watching the development of this project or better, artpiece for quite a long time. And although I haven’t had the oportunity to buy it yet I have watched many vides about the game on the internet, and have read a lot of the dev diary to know a few things about the game. And I have a few questions and suggestions that probably many other people have and had.

  1. Actualy, we get more hearthlings everyday if we hit specific requirements regarding wealth and food. Are there any other planned ways to get more hearthlings? Pregnancy, random wanderers, capitives, etc?
  2. If we were to have pregnancy, there would also exist the need for a relationship system. Actualy, there is no system regarding the interactions between hearthlings. Is it planned for the future?
  3. Still about pregnancy. Will there be hearthling children? It would be a nice touch to the economy as children only consume and don’t add to the productivity at all, until they grow up. Are there any limitations to the graphics in order to make children moddels?
  4. Are there any planned way to implement changeable priority system for storages?
  5. Are there any plans to implement storages separable by type of item (stone items, clay items, wood items, misc., vegetables, meals, etc…)
  6. Are there any plans to implement lockable storages for trade purposes? Having them consume food in the last moment before a trader appears is problematic.
  7. Are there plans to implment a weather system?

Those are only some of my questions and suggestions. The project is lovely, a true piece of art. And I cannot way to be able to purcharse it. Keep up the good work and all the love that you have been putting in this game. Thanks.

Cheers from Brazil,


Hey @Somar I’m glad you took the time to share your thoughts and ideas on the discourse.

First of all the team has been very clear and direct that they do not intend to have child hearthlings or any form of reproduction or love.

Regarding storage, I am not the best person to talk to since I focus mostly on the lore aspects of the game. However I don’t believe there has been any official announcements regarding am upgrade on storage.

The three ideas you mention seem solid to me, but perhaps the gameplay experts would disagree. I would love to hear your guy’s thoughts on this.

I hope this helps


I believe “Seasons and Weather” is an item on the to-do list of the devs, though that list hasn’t been publicly updated in quite a while.


1-3. Dev team is hesitant to add children. One of the described reasons was that children being killed during enemy goblin raid is not cool (and not fitting for their idea of this game).
4. - What do you mean by “priority”?
5. As far as I know, no, but it can be easily done with mods. Better Stockpiles already does some of this custom sorting, and items already have material tags inside their files, so it’s not difficult.
6. This is one of my (well, not “my” as in “I own it”, but I was one of those who described it) active suggestions for the developers :wink:
7. It is not there yet, but yes, there are plans for that.


I agree on 1-3. I really think it would be cool for them to exist, but them being possibly killed in goblin raids would bump up the rating and make the game a bit more… cruel. Although, a workaround would be that instead of killing them, they just get taken and if you don’t recover them in the battle, you have to go to the goblin camp to recuse them and until you get the child back to the “parents/adult Hearthlings(depending on how its emplemented)” they get -1 to mood.

Storage really seems like a finished work in the game, so I really doubted there would be any more updates to it. If it ever happens it would be a bonus, not a necessity. Thanks for the answer.

As for the child hearthlings. Wow! I didn’t even think on that. Having them killed would realy ruim the game atmosphere. So we could have the golblins to just ignore them at all. The child would just stay there, crying with a big fountain of tears coming from both their eyes and a cry sound - a little creativity liberty here. I though about the possibility of them being kidnapped, but that also doesn’t sound good to the atmosphere of the game.

Thanks again, buddy.

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Regarding children, everyone knows the goblin king doesn’t kill children, he captures them! After which they eventually turn into goblins themselves… :smirk: