Love is in the air?

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Hey sorry, still figuring out how to post and reply on these forums. Either way, i have a suggestion. Not sure if it has already been suggested or not, or if it is already in the works… BUT i would love to see it if hearthlings could fall in love and make little Hearthlinglings. If i am too late on this suggestion i apologize. Just recently got Stonehearth on steam. Still trying to figure a lot of things out. But yea, it would be amazing if Hearthlings could fall in love. Or even out of love. Like maybe there could be a priest to uses an Alter to wed two hearthlings together. a little wedding celebrated by the members of the town. Maybe even divorce papers if a relationship gets too complicated for the Lovebirds. Maybe add a “President” or “Despot” or “Dictator” size bed so the two could go under the covers together and a little heart graphic floating above them. Thank you for your time -LionWhite

Hey there @LionWhite, welcome (back) to the Discourse!

Unfortunately the developers have said that they do not play to introduce breeding into the game. Too many variables to deal with. Sorry :frowning:

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ah, understandable actually. Love is indeed incredibly complicated

I can almost guarantee one of the talented modders in this community will add some sort of “family and love” mod.
So don’t give up on love just yet! :slight_smile:

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