Reproduction/Family Tree

I think you should be able to start off with your starter settlers and set their relationships (for example husband, daughter, brother) And that 2 Adult Hearthlings should have to reproduce in order for you to obtain new settlers, and add a family tree / old age system (where hearthlings die after a while, and young ones grow up) so that the new generations go onto make even more generations. Implementing a family tree tab to see whos related to eachother would be a great idea.


Hi there @Chumble_Juice :wave: ! Welcome to discourse :smiley:.

This method of gaining settlers/hearthlings had been suggested and been brought up for countless of times.(I’m not saying they should stop, just keep the ideas flowing :thumbsup:)

Here are some of the threads that talks about procreating and something along the lines:

And here is real long one that goes way back…(I have stumbled upon it, in the dusty ruins of the ancient archives of the long forgotten Phoenix Empire…)

But I really like your idea of a family tree :heart:! Really makes it that hearthlings in your world can have connections with one another, and give a sort of “history” behind their surnames :blush:.

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yea that would be intresting, but there would have to be a option in the start menu cuz some people dont want there hearthlings to die

Had no idea! Whoops :slight_smile:

no i dont mean me but ssome people get attached to stuff like that so death should be a option,just in case

I know folks keep suggesting this, but it’s not gonna happen. They’ve already explained why on the Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday: Hearthling Customization video on youtube in the comments.

We aren’t adding children to SH because it would require us to do a LOT more work to get a family friendly rating. :slight_smile: It turns out you’re not allowed to kill children in games, or set them on fire! But if you’d really like to see this, perhaps a modder can oblige you. :slight_smile:

So ya might wanna toss this in the modding area as a suggestion to the modding community. The only way I can see it as a possible feature is if it were only enabled in peaceful mode where no combat happens. :merry: