[Dup] Marriage and Repopulating

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I’m loving this game and really feeling the nostalgia in regards to games like the Settlers and also Cultures. This game is those games but just on steroids!

Are there plans/ideas for other ways to get people into your city? With the ability for players to create houses, place furniture, name our villagers ect that there could be more methods to gain more people in different ways. Can Hearthlings become couples/married and have a simple animation to have children that grow up and become part of your village/city.

In Cultures children born obviously couldn’t do anything until a certain age, but they would still have to eat ect. I would love to see this in as I think its pretty important if we’re able to conquer other villages later on in the game, then we need a lot more people. The process at the moment to gain more villages is not that great and I hope it changes, I just don’t like that approach personally, I would like for some random events to happen that allows me to make a choice, for example;

“5 Heathlings are looking for a home, would you accept them?” something simple like that.

I had another suggestion that involved giving villages ownership of houses, but another person in a thread has mentioned this. This would support the idea as “families” can live in a house hold.

There are many other ideas that I have but I would like to know the future plans for this, I would eventually down the track want to make a large town or several with decent size populations.

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