A like age for the people

That like new comers are baby’s and like you take the parents and they like mix there body, mind and spirite to get more of them and get like if you want a good knight you will take like someone whit 5 body and some one whit 6 body and get a like 8-9 body.And that people can day after a while

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As i discussed in this topic:

I really like the idea but not in the main game. As mod its a good idea but its not a good thing for the main game.


I agree with red haired anime friend. A mod would be nice.


Is a discussion related to marriage and children, it has been a common idea anong the community

Whilst i do appreciate the ideas and all, i suggest doing some research if the topic has came up before, it might seem a little spammy for some with all the suggestions of yours


Or it just being a toggleable feature before you start a game to gain population by makin’ babies on the side which can only occur as an event (that pops up saying something like “Someone’s pregnant!”) if you’ve met requirements similar to that of how you normally gain population to not only balance the game a bit, and make for smooth progression, but also to make sure like what you should do irl, you have the needed food, shelter, etc to support the baby before you have it. And in this event you are able to, if you want not abort the baby but don’t want it, to just simply say “The test results were wrong actually…” or something like that if you don’t want more population, a kid to worry about, or just forgot to toggle this feature off before you started your game, etc. As, again, it would simply be a toggleable feature at the start of the game, or perhaps in the options so that if you forgot to before the start of your game you don’t have to worry, and so you don’t have to do it every time, in which instead of the event being “A new hearthling appears” or something on the lines of that (I can’t remember it perfectly) you get one involving a baby where the only difference from actual babies being born being that it is immediately brought into this world and you must wait a week in game for it to mature into a young adult, through even it’s childhood. Imagine that you were a kid for only a week and for some reason every night a bunch of goblins kept trying to steal food from your fridge…lol

Just an idea anyways in case anyone stumbles upon this post looking for some suggestion as to what babies being born as a means to increase population in your town might look like in Stonehearth

EDIT: also by the way the whole “kid for a week thing” is to ensure the game doesn’t suddenly get too difficult whilst still adding extra challenge via a toggleable option for the more experienced player due to you not getting extra hearthlings to do your bidding as fast, with your bidding including defending the town thus if you did have this toggled on you’d probably have more of your few hearthlings early game set to being footmen, herbalists, etc thus also reducing your productive capabilities which of course increases the difficulty of the game especially when playing on hard mode for those players that find hard mode easy

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