Marriage & Housing System, A PRIEST?! oh and children

Ok so i have an idea of a marriage & housing system, a priest and oh lord, children.
I know that there may have been suggestions for most of these in the past
but lemme just suggest them one more time :smiley:

Of course a relationship system must be established before this, but it’s up to you Devs
if you will make it or not. EITHER WAY it is not this thread’s intention XD

Ok so the process goes like this, 2 villagers fell for one another and blah blah blah, you get the idea.
Then they go to a cleric for a ceremony, this will then open a pop-up that the cleric may be promoted to a priest(will be discussed at the end). The ceremony will be like your conventional Marriage, or you can
make your own, it will depend on you my friends, i…we would be happy either way.

Housing System:
So ever heard of terraria’s housing system? The system goes just like that, EXCEPT instead of the “Banner” it will be a framed portrait or whatever of the villager/Family(just grab a few artworks for the meantime, if you decide on making your own design on the portraits) with their name/family name at the side. Just click the portrait/name then click on the house, then your done.

As i have said you can only get one if 2 villagers decide to marry. To promote said cleric to a priest you will have to craft a “Mitre”(a bishop’s headwear) in case of the Rayya’s Children it will be a turban.
then just open the class tree and promote him. Hopefully i didn’t offend any religion here…

Well they can either reproduce or you can add a new zone called “Stork’s Landing” & building template called “The Stork’s nest”(just maybe a 5x5 basic nest). The reproduction will be made in the Couple’s house, the censorship will just be making the house impenetrable by the “X-ray” feature while covering the doors and windows with hearts & mists. In the other hand if you pick the Stork way, a stork will be seen coming back and forth the “The Stork’s Nest”, if a couple wishes for a child they will just go to the said area and wait until a stork brings down a baby.

So have you guys played “The Virtual Villagers”? The children works this way incase you haven’t known, how can i put this? Small people with unlimited energy that can fuel the world for billions of years?
They will be playing with other children, running, hide and seek, and the elders can tell them stories by the camp fire in the night before they go to sleep OR the parents can tell them stories while the child lies on the bed before going to sleep. After maybe 10-20 game days the child will grow up to an adult. If you guys want you can add a teenager stage, which they can be given the default job of worker. Then when grown into an adult in 10 more in-game days, they can be promoted to other jobs now.

I know the stork way is waaaay more tiresome than the usual reproduction, i thought about an alternative to the usual procreation because i know there are children(ok maybe a few) playing the game so Duh.
And also the growing time for children to a full-fledged villager was just a random number i thought. So it all goes down to the Devs.

So, what do you guys think?
oh and before you leave, if you don’t understand what I’m saying just comment on down below.
(I’m quite common for saying this in a confusing way :stuck_out_tongue: )


It sounds enjoyable, I dont know about the children idea, cause that takes away from the requirements for getting new travelers to join. Unless we make it so that having child needs to have the same requirements as usual and youd have to pick from a child or a traveler. This could also tie into new things such as a school and a teacher and this can basically make this kids grow up with the states you want? The kid starts out with 0 of everything and then you say you want him to take P.E or something of that sorts and his body goes, up and etc etc. Tho the teacher class would be useless outside of this ability which is kind of where the preacher sits. Both of them dont add anything to the game besides another layer of complexity and right now no one knows where the devs truly want to take this. I think we could just make the cleric the preacher because I dont want to waste a what could be cleric on preacher. That just seems to be a bad idea. So maybe Cleric at say either level one or level 4 gets the marriage ability? Then my idea of the stat building comes in, how would we set up a teacher if we want to go that way to make him useful? I dont reallly know, maybe you guys could give some insight. -Nt a Typ o


I am very simple in this.
I like the idea but not as the main game. This is mod material. Very good mod material even but not something i would want to see in the base game.

Dont get me wrong cause i really like the idea but i just dont think this fits stonehearth base content. It should be optional and i think a lot of people like this but it would hinder the simplicity and feel of the original stonehearth. Therefore i think this should not be main game material but a mod instead.


As I am not a fan of mods as you know, these probably won’t be said often by me but I totally agree with you. This doesn’t seem to fit base game. I think a mod would be rather nice for this content. I like the idea but again not exactly base game material if you ask me. Maybe in the future they will add it after alpha? During full release as a small update.

As I’ve warned in other threads like this, chances are that children and procreation will not be added to the game. The devs have stated it complicates certain things, like ESRB ratings, and they’d rather avoid those complications.

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True, guess I’ll leave these to the modders.