Family life, ownership, and demons *ahem* I mean children

So I like the idea of settlers, but I think it would more management intensive to actually establish a growing population. (NOTE: I understand that it’s in Alpha and this can make a pretty complex system of mechanics, but it’s always nice to throw ideas out there regardless of how far along the game is.) As far as Families go I think that a combination of idle animations/actions can improve relations with other hearthlings and eventually a marriage could come out of it (Because Norsa and Heath the carpenter are a major power couple!!) you could possibly even add festival/ celebration mechanics in there. Then comes claiming ownership of a house for only that specific couple. Ownership has been a hot topic on here so I think it should be based on a selection made by the player rather than automatic selection. And as for demons that starts once sheep and goats have been implemented, you start by butchering the poor beast and pouring its blood around the wicked fire pit… Oh! you mean children?! Sorry not much of a difference :smile:. Anyways it should take a decent amount of time before your hearthlings start having babies, otherwise children become a liability and bog down development of a village. My thoughts are that mothers with children shouldn’t be able to work until the child is old enough to walk around and even then the mother must care for him/her/demonling by getting food from the storage to feed the child.(Maybe the child doesn’t leave a certain range from the mother of marked house??) Again I know it’s a lot but it just an idea that I think wouldn’t be too bad and allow a more dynamic village.


There was a big discussion a while back about family’s and I believe TR won’t add children or family’s. As far as claiming houses its going to be a thing Designate ownership of beds, tables, etc Well that’s on the road map so that’ll be done for sure! :smiley: Hopefully the Designated Ownership goes I hope that includes doors too!

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Both those have some quite good discussion on the subject.