After 22h of play, here are a few suggestions

As posted on steamcommunity:

I’d also to see a way to correct builds/roads/holes. Quite annoying when your road is done and you realized it was a block too big. By FAR what I really want is to have more control over my peeps. To be able to tell my guards where they should patrol, my farmers which plot is theirs, my blacksmith to stay behind the counter in his shop when idle, my villagers which bed is their own, etc… Without this ownership concept in the game it make it feel way too chaotic.

Maybe also when the game is mostly done it’d be nice to have special classes (king, queen, master crafters, etc.)

Lastly I’d like for the game to be harder. Villagers dying more, food being more of a problem, resources not being as plentiful. BUT only after the game is fixed of all bugs.

P.S. Would be nice to have a priest class that would heal the wounded and maybe even resurrect them.


I like the idea of Royalty as well, Knights, etc. Also, is there any discussion about your population growing through children?

there are tons of ancient and new threads discussing this topic (though they might have all been merged)

basically all those convo’s boiled down to the fact that, in general, TR wants to stay away from that, for somewhat obvious reasons…

Right, I can see where technicly and game play wise children could be a problem. Special one time classes though shouldn’t be a problem but they’d have to impliment a kind of priority/special pathing system or else your king might be toiling in the mines all day lol.

Quite frankly all I want right now is for the game to be better oprimized, I want to play the game but I’m getting tired of starting new towns because my old ones got too big for the engine to handle.

By the way, am I the only one thats having problems when you queue up too many things to make and then the craftman(usually my carpenter.) just stops making anyrhing?