200 hours in. Feedback and idea on experience

Well first greetings to all other player, I finally joined the forum and I’m really pleased to have buyed this game early as it revealed itself to be one of the game I look up to the most on the quality of the community and developper help and understanding of their community.

But enough with the compliments, I had some idea there and there while building and trying to survive a goblin camp or two. And I hope that some of them will appeal to the community and the developpers. Or atleast inspire some.

First and foremost is the ability to create other city, or atleast small villages to gain more control over the land and it’s ressource. I really like the size of the area we have to build, but I don’t really want to make a metropolis, in the planned multiplayer (which I hope we can import single player map to cough) controling the most areas could be a good gameplay mechanic as it would add more competition between the player over ressources and land.

Link between city’s could be achieved by a settler having a job like a trader to exchange ressources between the differents town.

Second is the combat which I really wish it would be a tad bit polished. not that it is bad, but in late game it gets really tedious to levy an army at all time and praying that my knight won’t just run back into battle with 1% of is health each time an ogres come waltzing by. I think that conscripted settler should just run to the nearest potion or cleric to try to heal instead of killing himself thinking he’s helping.

Trying to aim for a more fluid and polyvalent combat mechanic could add more debt to the gameplay. Maybe add separated class patrols with the ability to make groups, assigned zone for said groups and also have a sort of reserve where ordinary citizen have their job. but when the alert is given they rush to the nearest sword talismant and aid your army as a weak but populous boost. Thus helping in dire situation.

I think I’m going to stop here, I have other idea but I would like to see if you like them! Gooday!