Some suggestions for Stonehearth

Hey just bought the game and greatly enjoying it.

My one comment about my play so far…this game is based around decisions…choices you make have options and everything is a bit of trade off…and most importantly your decisions have real repercussions.

do you rush some military tech to take on wolves or send more workers to build a wall?

that’s what i love about the game…but there is one thing missing from this great scenario…in order to make a decision…you need one thing…and that’s information.

I know your in alpha and working on other things but i think there needs to be a ton more information to the player.

The Daily update thingy which i believe is the only way to get a new citizen?..never tells you what you need to get one…until its already popped. Sure i get it…“moar” is better…but knowing that i need “x” to get “y” really helps.

This extends to all aspects of the game…from food to military…eg: does each citizen improve performance with comfy bed? how much? is it worth the cost? etc…etc…

Having really good information/data is what everyone needs to make a “good” decision.

Love the game and enjoy learning by trial and error…but more information will also lead to more investment…more time “thinking” which naturally leads to more “caring”.

Anyway…great game/simulation…but that’s my two cents.

keep the change!


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Maybe a way of having a double bed and after time little hearthlings appear for them to grow up and become citizens. This wouldnt have any problems with sexual content if you do not include movements/sounds only that they use the bed as they would a single bed and the little hearthling pops out of the bottom or the worker becomes pregnant to eventually give birth.

I love the idea of mining so maybe if a ‘torch’ was able to be crafted to take into the depths with them it would make things cooler. Being able to build a base in a mountain would be fun or even a little place for miners to sleep/eat.

Clothes would be good like at the moment we have the workers clothes that gives them more momentum but what about clothes that speed up different jobs (Miner/Lumberjack), crown for a King (Made from Gold seeing as the only use we have for it is to sell it to a trader) with all ‘royal’ clothes that could also be a job type (A Queens crown would be good for the roleplay elements) with thrones.

You have recently added water which I love but why not now add a Fisherman (Hunter category) to allow him to place nets in order to catch fish.

I would love to see a gate type door for castles, iron (1x2) door for towers, more windows, ect.

Horses should not be brought into the game unless the map was to be made bigger but I think donkeys are a good idea. Workers now have backpacks allowing them to hold 8 items I believe, but what if a farmer was able to tame a donkey, the weaver make a saddle with bags attached and hold 16 items. (Only one donkey is allowed or it will make things tooooo easy plus they would not he mountable)

I think difficulty needs to be integrated with debuffs. When starting the game you have a certain amount of hearthlings that all have tools. With a military type class they can equipt different weapons so what if a worker class did not start with all the tools for example:

5 Hearthlings (Not sure how many everyone starts with)
1 Hunters knife
1 Carpenters Saw
2 Wood/Stone Pickaxes
2 Wood/Stone Axes
3 Backpacks

Then the mason/blacksmith would be able to make an upgrade (Not a new item or the stockpiles would
get silly) that improved the speed (Wooden/stone tools speed slowed down) for the workers to gain their full potential. The carpenter/mason would be able to craft pickaxes and axes. The backpack would be craftable by the weaver to allow all classes to gain one, hearthlings without a backpack would go back to the old ways of only being able to hold 1 item.

Some textures of items such as the hoe are all wood, this does correspond to the carpenter so why not the blacksmith be able to make a better how that is faster than the plain hoe.

Seasons would be good also, summer and winter would only be needed. In the summer food is easy to get but if the need of water was a necesity like food then it would be harder to get but in the winter food is hard to grow, hearthlings need clothes to stay warm, ice, snow. This would incourage having fires in houses (Small firepit) to keep them warm.

Will age be a problem? The race to gain citizens while others grow old would be fun.

Seeing as I have slight dyslexia I am going to write a list of some more ideas, I have bought Qubicle with the intentions of helping and developing my ideas. I have not knowledge of coding or scripting. I dont have any models so if I could be supplied with them then I would be happy to help. I have no intentions of making money from this only to improve the game and make it fun for others to play, I would like to be known or given credit for any ideas used and would like to write the lore of some of the items. Watching the stream on Twitch I will try and work out how to test things (Unless a developer would be able to show me or give me intructions to follow). I have not included anything that has been released/leak for example archer, ect.

Thrones (Different sizes)
Stone windows
Double bed
Variety of clothes (Hats, Tops, ect)
Different tapestries
A selection of banners (Not just the blue one)
Chests to hold money (8 boxes of gold coins)
Donkey + Saddle bags (Not mountable)
Chickens (Food + Feathers) (Crafting recipe)
Fish (Food)
Different firepits (small new, default, big new)
Banners (small default, medium default, big new)
Tool quality (Stone - Iron) + models for stockpiles
Plants (Hedge, bush, vine (Climbable?), more flowers)
Different shields (default, tower shield, round shield)
King armor/sword/bed/crown/gown
Queen crown/gown
Baby/teenage Hearthlings
Backpacks (Craftable)
Birds (For birdbath)
Big fountain
Well (Water) + Bucket (Craftble?) Water would be used like a food and is a necessity.

For the cook:


I take all credit for the ideas and am willing to make the models as long as you are able and willing to script plus animate them into the game.

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