Going Forward (ideas for the ant farm)

Hello there!

Huge fan of the game and the dedication of the devs. I was just wondering, in the going forward DT, you mentioned that Stone Hearth was going towards more of a ant farm type game, which I absolutely love. I was just wondering, does that mean we will see an increase in the economy/needs of the colony?

I have seen these suggestions before but here are things I would love to see in the game:

-More needs such drinks (from a brewer), warmth from clothes, wear and tear of the equipment so that you dont just have to build one sword and its good for ever, you need to maintain the armory and clothes of your hearthlings.

-Living quarters!! It’s nice that I can build cute little towns with different houses and things but I never really have a reason too… for now I can just build huge dorm and have all my beds there and none of my hearthlings care. I would like to be able to assign living spaces to my heartlings (more than just specific beds) and the bigger their living quarters are, the more pricey fancy furniture in it there is, the happier they are.

  • An administrative/political aspect occupation, for example a leader who would be in charge of greeting diplomats or would give a bonus boosts to the heartlings

Thanks so much and cheers to you!