Will Children Be Added

I am aware this game is still in development, i was just wondering if children will ever be added since they do have the childrens toy. If they do add it i would hope the child would have acquired some of the skills from there parents.


That’s an awesome question!

I was thinking about this myself earlier tonight as I was playing Stonehearth. Children and relationships (hence Marriage) would be an excellent addition to the game!

when AND if they do add this feature, I hope they put care into genealogy. And I don’t just mean combining skin tones & hair styles. We’d want the computer to know who the parents and grand parents of each Hearthling, just so widowed grand-dad doesn’t end up marrying his grand-daughter or anything weird like that.

I apologize for making that a little weird, but IT WILL HAPPEN if the computer doesn’t know the difference.

oh, one other thing,
What would happen when you reach the population cap?


As of the pop cap maybe they could implement some sort of generation system so like there’s a death cycle, but to counter age there could be actual like doctors like herbalist’s in a way however instead of just healing they could make the people live longer if they add things like splinters and getting sick etc. They could also add a way for skills to be passed done so a lvl 6 Herbalist and a lvl 6 Carpenter have a kid that kid could have like 3 lvls in both jobs or something like that .


That’s a good idea too, Children apprenticing to their parents. I LIKE IT!

I also like your idea of a generational system. To give an Hearthling a lifespan of say, 6 real-time hours,(time just an example of course.) They would be born, apprentice to a job, marry, foster a family, and die, leaving the next generation to carry on.

I think disease should definitely be in there. Since I think that the herbalist can be quite a useless character,(in my opinion,) it would give him something to do.

I believe that the devs have stated in other posts that they won’t add in hearthlings having children, as it messes with game ratings. Although we are free to add them in as mods!


The Devs have said that they’re avoiding children for many reasons such as the possibility of them dying


If the devs are worried about the whole kids dying part and that might upset some ppl. Maybe they should just make it a option for people who want this gamemode


??? Messes with game ratings???

how is that? afraid they might offend the Gay community if they only add in straight Hearthlings?

I will die of laughter if that is actually the reason, simply because I think procreation would be awesome to see, as we did mention above a generational system.

and if you didn’t have relationships like marriage, Hearthlings would just be going around banging each other.

6 Hearthlings pregnant for the farmer is not ideal, after all. :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:


I see, the death.

As it would affect children playing video games in this generation. Although it’s fine to blow a guys brains out in Call of Duty. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

-I hate editing posts-

But can’t they use this magical thing called Code to prohibit Hearthling children from dying?

they could allow kids to get to a low heath but not ‘die’ just go unconscious

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It’s not the kids, it’s about how kids come to be…

People ‘making love’ ups game ratings

Edit: No matter the context and who it’s with

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It would matter if it’s with Granny,

Hence, read my first post in this thread (The second one from the top.)

I don’t know, maybe I was think of the movie rating system which nearly any sexual themes are given higher ratings, even over excessive violence or cursing.

well the topic of passing down skills a generations i feel is not a bad topic , how ever yah the whole “making” of the baby i could see as not child appropriate

What? No, it ‘Messes with ratings’ because it has no clear way to have ‘appropriate’ handling of children when they die/hit 0-health, if you make them invulnerable, people will say “it breaks the immersion” if they die people will say “oh, such a disrespectful/irresponsible game” and hitting a there isn’t a middle-ground because even pretending that they ‘Leave’ will imply that you the player didn’t care, or that the world of Hearth doesn’t

And why would it provoke the LGBT community? What makes you assume that there’d only be straight marriage? Adoptions are a thing and gay and lesbian marriage is a real thing, it’s the problem that children are difficult to handle in respectable ways in games, and that comment shows that you didn’t even read the post below the few on top of the link i posted (just seeing ‘messis with ratings’ and jumping to conclusions) the game industry is more that use to gay and lesbian marriage, they don’t even bat an eye when adding those into the games thees days

And if you want to argue that not having children breaks immersion
Yes, but it’s better than making a conflict zone
Adding marriage (straight or not) will undoubtably bring up the question of children, and that’s why they don’t plan or adding either, because they’re hot topics, and No, Not every game has to risk their ratings to ‘be out of the norm’ the game is the Developer’s livelihood, not propaganda or something to be taken lightly


And for the whole act of sex bettering or harmig ratings.
They don’t have to show them doing the activity, just spawn them in, or maybe doing like the Sims where they cover up the whole thing eith the blanket


The thing is, although the sims covers it up, it’s still rated for Teens and not for Everyone, which is probably the point I should’ve brought up originally. But then again, the games reference a few other things too, like achool and streaking, even with the pixelation.

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Very true, but the Sims can get away with it because for teens(who know the whole ‘Sex’ thing) it’ll be obvious that they’re doing sexual activities, but for a child who doesn’t know about it, they fill in the blank with something like… say… ‘Tickling’ and Boom! Magic and they have kids, which is why the act of Sex is probably the least of concern when designing Marriage, Sex and Children topic

True, true but either that’s my two cents on the topic, I mean I’d love kids in the game but they’ve said on many treads that they won’t add them in. So yeah.

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Bring the kids in with a stork, who cares how they get there,

“A goblin with a fancy hat swaggers into town, bringing a child to a new family” for all I care,

(and regards to “Immersion”, that nothing to me, it’s not real, it’s not even a simulation. Stonehearth is not a real place, Hearthlings are not real people. It’s segments of code, mathematics producing an end result.
I Love Stonehearth, I play it every day. But I have no idea how one can “Immerse” themselves in it. It’s far to incomplete, because of things like this.)

It kind of annoys me though, seeing something as profound as this left out of a game simply because of “Hurt Feelings”. Not even hurt feelings really. The fact it might hurt someone’s feelings. Which is sad, because a system like we’ve discussed would completely change the game mechanics, giving it a totally different feeling, a realism (dare I say) that it currently lacks.


Immersing yourself in a game can be difficult and perhaps not for everyone, but the way SH roleplays is not that you are the Hearthlings, but that you manage and look over them, more like the NintenDogs, you are the caretaker and commander

And it’s not that it ‘upsets’ people, it’s that it gives a wrong vibe, a game will tell a story through it’s mechanics weather the Devs intended it or not, a shooter that happens to have more black enemies that white (even if it’s a coincidence) will give a message and story, SH in general is a happy and Family-Friendly game at it’s heart, it has combat and all, but it’s not over the top or bloody, and a Hearthling dying in this world is rather dark but you most likely did something wrong and your people suffered from it, but if a child dies, it gives a different vibe, a child is somewhat of a symbol of peace, purity, future and someone to protect and love, but to let the players kill them (or let them be killable by enemies give a much more darker vibe than a adult dying

Adult’s death is usually deemd valliant in combat, will not apply to a child, a child figting for his/her life is not a good sight and not something to put in a game like SH, and for roleplaying sake having them and having them be off (invulnerable) will also break inmersion, and again, even if you don’t understand the whole ‘immersed in a game’ thing, a lot of community members here do play for it, and many design choices such as NPC’s calling the town name instead of a person’s name because the town name is pretty much your name in the game