Custom titles for our Hearthlings

I’d like to suggest the ability to give our beloved hearthlings a title of our choice that would go under their names in the UI. This would be merely for RP purposes and would grant no other benefits.

For example, if I had a footman named “Victor Stonebreaker”, and I’d like him to be the captain of the town guard, I could give him the title “Captain of Zansink” (where Zansink is the name of my city), and it would be displayed below his name.

Any thoughts?


i’m pretty sure a similar thing was suggested a long time ago… whatever the case, i love the suggestion :thumbsup:


I tried looking for something similar before posting this, but the search function found nothing, so I thought I’ll post it.

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When I read your suggestion it gave me another idea:
Customizable titles! Well, the difference is it’ll be a feature in game, but you won’t have to customize it, but you can customize it.
That’s a cool idea you have there @CrazyCandy!