Own Character Creator?

It would be great to create your own characters in the game, you could name them and move them around possibly?

What do you think? Comment Down Below!


Hmm I like the idea. This charactor should be the only one you can control directly.

You can already name your hearthlings, by opening their character sheet and clicking on their name. With the next alpha we should be able to see our random hearthlings (and name them) before starting the game too.

I searched around for a bit and found this:

A main point in it is that @RepeatPan says that modding in character customization is, indeed, possible, and then @Drotten mentions possibly updating his mod for that in the future, once we get the new starting screen in Alpha 11.


I’d swear that at one point it was intended that we would be able to customize our initial hearthlings (everything about them). But maybe they’ll stop at what’s going to be for next Alpha. Rolling out their stats, changing their names…

I’m not 100% sure. But @Drotten’s mod is a good solution, when updated =)

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I’m afraid it’s not completely what the OP’s asking for though, since my mod doesn’t give you direct control over the hearthlings.


Now that I read again you’re right… *facepalm*


I’m not sure how far mods could go to control Hearthlings… but at the least, a mod could allow for super-high-priority walking to a location (as already seen with party attack flags), super-high-priority picking up items (as already seen with the loot tool), and super-high-priority versions of about any AI action possible.

So could a mod allow you to completely and directly control a Hearthling? Maybe not. But could a mod let you direct a Hearthling as much as possible? Probably so.

Go make that mod, someone who understands modding.