Custom Villager sets and more beards

As I have always liked customising this suggestion came naturaly.
Being able to customize your villagers.
So here is the suggestion.

In the main men you be able to find a text saying
Custom villagers.
Click that and you will be able to customize seven villagers.
You can choose name, hair, beard, skin etc.
When youre done with the seven starting villagers you can make theese in to a set.

For an example.I have
Lotr set. With villagers like Aragorn, Legolas…
Friends set with my imaginary friends.
You get the idea.

Moving on.
When you go into the map menu you will have an option where you can choose a set.
There is no limit of how many sets you can have.
But if you want you can you choose random.

And also I want more beards for villagers. Long. Wellgrown. Epic. Beards.


i like this idea!

though if it were to work, i think they would have to keep the random stats part of the game, then again, i really like the entire idea of having a random set of villagers, so perhaps still have that option alongside with this one.

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@8BitCrab Yeah youre right. It should be optional.

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and more hair options, and possibly skin tones…


@RepeatPan, do you think modding could manage to do this someday?

Could be done today, because the hair/beard/eyebrows currently are just model variants added by some component I can’t name right now on top of my head (customization something something).

Instead of having it semi-random, this could be done using a GUI or something. Yes.


Didn’t @Drotten make this mod a while ago?

Yeah that mod did great back in the day! But it’s outdated now unfortunately, I’ve been meaning on updating it one of these days. But then I thought of the new game UI where you get to see your starting hearthlings, so then I could extend the mod to work on those people (as the OP suggests).

So expect it to be working again some time after that feature is released, hopefully in alpha 11… or I might just work on it anyway considering the player may choose quick start, which skips the new game UI and also the possibility to customize the hearthlings.