Community Intro

It seems worth the time to introduce ourselves to the nascent Stonehearth community. Take a moment to introduce yourselves.

I’m Paladin and I feel like the creators of Stonehearth must have read my diary because its basically my dream game: building, rpg, retro graphics, customization,and I could go on! (Only I don’t have a diary because I’m a grown man and that would be odd.)

I’ve kicked in at kickstarter and I’m excited about playing the beta asap!


I am Galphan, otherwise known as Galphan the Grey (my Hat color not a LOTR reference). I have played Dungeons and Dragons since I was 9 (courtesy of my awesome Mother), I have been teaching myself programming since I was twelve and have been studying penetration testing for two years. The moment I saw this game I was in love with it, and I want nothing more than to see it succeed and grow to its fullest potential.

I have kicked on kickstarter ($30)


I’ve been into D&D for over 20 years, I still have the old red box set… am I too old to be excited about a video game?

(Checks pulse)

Naw, its cool! This looks like a game I can play with my kids which is cool. Then I turn the monsters back on when they go to bed!


@Paladin not old enough to have played for 20 years, try 9 (you can do that math). I have not thought about the younger children aspect of the community, but depending on the difficulty of the interface and usability this might be a good game for exposing your kids to RTS games, or video games in general. After you turn off the monsters of course. Oh, and there is no such thing as too old for a video game, I hope when I have kids, and they are moved out, I still get excited by good looking indie games like this. Games are, after all, not made by teenagers or children, but adults, some/most of which have children (not sure about Tony and Tom in this case)


I’m Ben. I love building.
Lego’s were my life till twelve years of age. Every now and then I will go to Walmart and buy a small set to put together. I loved that I could build anything I could think of in Minecraft, but I hated that I (and a few other friends) were the only ones in it (and only then for a short time)

I am really excited to design a house or castle and watch the AI build it from supports, to walls, to roofs. The scaffolding idea still blows my mind. Even better that I can explore the world and defend my creations from monsters and men.

I’ve kicked in at kickstarter!


Nothing is better than completing a lego creation…
Nothing is worse than stepping on one in the dark.


I’m Travis,

I’ve been a gamer for almost 26 years (currently celebrating my 30th year on this planet). I’ve always enjoyed simulation and management games. They tend to have a more complicated interfaces, with many connections intertwining from one system to the next (ie. Simcity) and are focused on suggestive gameplay, instead of direct control. These two concepts have always struck a very powerful cord with me.

Some of my favorite games in this genre include Dwarf Fortress (duh!), Simcity, Populous, SimAnt, Dungeon Keeper, and Startopia.

These types of games as well as many others, actually inspired me to become a ux consultant. I get a lot of inspiration from the heavy interactions within an in game gui.


I am Bandit Dragoon or usually just called Bandit , I am a furry and enjoy many things fluffy but i have an interest in D&D, Battle tech,Warhammer (and 40K) , Minecraft, terraria, and most sci fi and fantasy games i read a lot of books by forgotten realms and Dragon lance and iv already gotten to grips a little with the qubicle editor program as i am hoping to make my own little species in there representing my character hopefully.


Hello all!

I’m Zumzar that you can see on my that in the upper left corner. I’m a gamer from Sweden that love gaming in all the forms and shapes. The thing I want in a game is a story that engulfs you and makes you think.

Played in my younger gaming era the swedish version of D&D (that I think is better than the english [made lots of enemies there ^^]). Nowadays there is more reading and writing stories for playing than actually playing and that is now fore the horror genre Lovecraft and World of Darkness.

Kicked it for a 50$

And apologies for my horrible english google translate helps me alot! xD

Do I need to say anything more? =P


G’dy all.
I am a 67 year young French living now in sunny Queensland. That’s in North East Australia if you didn’t know.

Been involved in RPG and computers since 1980 when I learn on the Z80 (typing games found in magazines in BASICA)

Never too old to play games and I have the advantage of having a lot of free time being retired.


Hey everyone, I’m PCS, and I’m just someone who loves games that offer a large degree of freedom in how you play them. Whether it’s a pen and paper RPG, or a sandbox RPG I love them all.

I’m also a college student(a good deal of free time :smile:) who is pursuing a bachelor degree in computer science. So, I am looking forward to getting a chance to flex my programming muscles by creating mods for this game.


Hi, I’m Thestrake, I am a game/app programmer, I have been in love with RTS games since red alert, and the sandbox has been my new home for the past few years, pretty much just love interesting games.

This game looks like it has a lot of potential, and I want to explore every little detail of it.


Hi guys! I’m DJC. I live in Switzerland and am a software developer/consultant all around Microsoft software.
My passions are : My American Wife (of course!), Game development / to play games (RPG, Builders, Strategy, Open World stuff…or best of all, all combined in one game). As you can tell, Stonehearth is an absolute “must have” for me! :smile:

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Hi, I’m Gazz and I have a problem.
(Don’t all these threads sound like AA introductions?)

I’ve been a gamer since the 8 bit era and I refuse to count years. What does time matter if you’re having fun?

Lately I’ve been going around pestering developers and telling them how they have to write their games. I haven’t been kicked out of any forums (yet) and occasionally they even listened! Fun times!

PS: If you’re taking me 100% serious you’re in big, big trouble. Last warning!

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You wouldn’t be the lPaladinl from StarForge, would you?

Anyways, I’m Rosey, and I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with this type of game-- but they always got… quite stagnant. Quickly. Like in Towns it would take 45 minutes to make a damn house. I also hope to use this to get myself into Lua coding, as well as the C++ I am already getting into.

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Hey team, names to the left, Kicked this pile of genius for 50 myself. Expecting fun things, I am.

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Hmph, might as well say my Greetings.
The name’s I go by is Kirbogon (Any changes to my name is fine to accommodate ur way of speaking)
Age: Old?
Gender: You can’t categorized me, whether I’m one or the other isn’t important.

I’m not that much of a gamer, seeing as how I’m kinda poor, I play PC games and enjoy playing w/ my Ds.
I’ve gave my donations, though through this Kickstarter Maddness! Vote for Stonehearth on Steam Greenlight! – Stonehearth
I wonder if that matters, I think I forgot to add my e-mail address when filling in the info. I hope that I still get the game and the rewards. I went w/ the $50 tier. (I would like a confirmation, that would be nice plz)

Anyways, I enjoy a simple game, and it looks like I can pace myself w/ this game and I like the design, hopefully among st us here we can be good acquaintances, Cause…FRIENDSHIP YAY!


Hi, guys. It’s great to see so many people supporting this project.

I think, though, that this thread needs to be merged with this thread ( which is where a lot of people have already introduced themselves. Take a look and get to know the other people who you may meet in game some day.


Welcome aboard Kirbogon (I’m blaming @SteveAdamo for me saying welcome aboard).

If you backed through the kickstarter and went through with the payment then you should receive a confirmation email from Amazon payments - you would have had to sign into amazon payments so your information should be provided through that.

When the kickstarter has finished I believe a survey will be sent to everyone enabling you to choose your reward - but as you pledged $50 you will receive all the animals :smile:

Hope that helps!

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Thanks. I said though I went through that link and just ya know went from there, from paypal to I think it said my funding went through. No matter, I rly like how this game looks and I might as well put in my 50 bucks. Since I want the special reward. I’ll try and support, anyways, thanks again and hopefully well, whatever good I guess.

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