What makes Stonehearth interesting to you?

What is it about the game that pulls you in? Obviously the Kickstarter was met with tremendous success without having really a whole lot of gameplay to show.

What makes you want to play this game? Is it the art style? The character classes? Maybe it’s the building/creation aspect.

Let me know! I’m curious to get a feel for what makes this game so interesting to others.

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This is an excellent question. I just opened up my wallet and send $50 to Tom and Tony for something that may end up being just a rather poorly made Kickstarter video. There are certainly nothing but at the moment empty promises, and they could take all of this money and move to Bermuda never to be seen again.

Note: I’m not saying that this is a scam, but we are merely hoping and giving real faith (in a very religious sense) that these guys are legit and going to make an awesome game.

This said, I’m very much impressed with the ideas they have expressed in the video, the pre-alpha demos, and the artwork shown so far. Much of this is admittedly a rehash of things done by other software developers, where it has been compared to a great many other games too numerous to mention. Even the modding ability is something other games have done on some scale or another in the past too.

What really inspires me about Stonehearth is that it seems to be a game being designed by people who love playing games and is something they really want to enjoy playing themselves but can’t quite find elsewhere. It is to me the right balance of respect and caring about the player community, humility that they might actually learn a thing or two from other people, and most importantly they really don’t know everything about everything. It is also a quiet showing of confidence and a demonstrated wealth of knowledge without unnecessary bragging that seems to intrigue me. It is this reason that I backed them, and am willing to take that risk.

There is a really neat potential to this game idea, and I hope that they are successful.

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King - I appreciate your reply! I agree that a big part of the reason I backed the project as well is because of the character of the developers. The whole thing has been very modest and professional and I get a very good feeling that I can trust and be confident they they will deliver a spectacular game.

Well… everything really.

Even as short as the game footage was, it clearly showed in which direction they wanted to develop the game.
The graphic, the music and the little voxely rabbits animation all fit together so well, you had to see that somebody put real care and attention (and love) into that video.

Tom and Tony really WANT to make this game… no they want to make a TOY with which you can play on a computer and I did enjoy my legos as kid a lot :wink:


@Andarvi I agree, everything, I especially love how tony and tom actually listen to our ideas, the music is brilliant so far its actually something I can do on repeat (like C&C red alerts hell march) the graphics remind me of wreck-it Ralph and of my old sega games which I do love, I also love the fact that all the dev team are really passionate about every little detail they do (all the way down to the bottom of the sheepies feet) and that caption about not a game a toy on your computer should be the slogan for stonehearth

For me, everything.

There has been a trail of games that have really interested me and I’ve enjoyed playing them (Gnomoria, Timber and Stone), however I’ve always felt like something was missing.

Then I came across Stonehearth, and it felt like everything I had been missing from these games, was going to be wrapped up into this one incredible looking and sounding game. So yer, that’s what makes it interesting for me!

(I have not been given 10% of the kickstarter funds to say this.)


Part of what pulled me in is the potential for the game to evolve around the way that you like to play. If you are very aggressive with monsters, more monsters will spawn; but if you are more into building, killing monsters won’t have to be the focus. That just seems awesome to me, that the devs are considering how you want to play and not just forcing everyone into the same thing.

I also like how they are taking sandbox elements and putting an optional story into it. I am hoping that the mod system will be built so that it will be easy for people to make their own storylines and quests for the game without an in-depth knowledge of programming and what not, the potential for very interesting plots and unusual/fun stories is completely mind-boggling.

What it all boils down to is that the potential for this game is virtually unlimited, and there is a good chance that they will be able to pull it off.

this… right here… you can just see the passion they have for this craft (moreso in their livestreams, than in the scripted demo video :stuck_out_tongue: )

every time i hear Tom or Tony say they are “super excited”, i feel like im right there in the living room, and developing this game with them… vicarious game development? :smiley:

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difficult to say… its the things what it reminds me… of other games I like and loved in my childhood
I want see multiplayer fights, like in KAG
I want see the life and details like in the settlers
I want see the class system from the villages like in RO the many different unique jobs.

That all sounds maybe little bit weird, but I think I really like the idea of the class system together with the build system, so I just hope there will be some kind of real time multiplayer matches.

I agree

What caught my eye was the art design. Though it has been compared to Minecrafts boxy style, I think it has greater affinity to anime chibi style. That got me into Steam Greenlight which brought me to Kickstarter where I learned these were two guys working in a room of a house. (Hooray for Stephanie joining them later.) I viewed the prototype video which showed that not only do these guys WANT to make this game, but that they have a solid understanding of HOW to make it. And when I heard about the scripted encounters and saw the potential for having actual progression in a survival game, the possibility for cooperative multiplayer, and that it would run on a Mac, I was sold.

I love how everything about this game is warm and inviting, from the chibi style, 16-bit inspired art, to the upbeat background music (including lively battle tune). Seeing this game and hearing about the proposed “ant-farm quality” makes me feel that when I sit down to play, I’m going to be greeted by villagers who are happy to welcome me into their homes.

I am so excited to see how my interactions in the game will influence how the game responds to me. Having played Minecraft, I’ve been frustrated that once you have survived the first few days and you have your basic supplies there is nothing to really play in the game except a sophisticated paint program. Watching people play other survival games like Towns, Gnomoria, and Dwarf Fortress, I have lamented the same failing that when the basic survival is reached, there is nothing more to do in the game except start a new game in a new world and do it all again. (Maybe less so in Dwarf Fortress with its persistent world.) Stonehearth has the potential to feed you new situations in a dynamic world that reacts to how you play.

I’m also really happy to have a game that my wife could really enjoy playing with me, which had been a discouragingly fruitless search previously.

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I really like the art style. The picture of the town was the one that caught my attention. It uses a voxel-based system but the blocks are small enough to make it look detailed. It’s the closest I’ve seen to a powerful, god-type town simulator.

while im not familiar with chibi, i do get the same strong 16-bit vibe, which was obviously their intent, and that inviting / welcoming feel… there’s just something endearing about the combination of art style, musical direction, gameplay mechanics that are just “working” for SH…

Yep, very similar to everyone here; it was a combination of the the presentation (art, music) and the game concept (a mini-civ game with RPG-like class advancement) that hooked me in. Seeing what Radiant has mind for the game only has me more excited.


Hi there! I was just interested what made you guys interested about StoneHearth.

I got interested about StoneHearth when my friend told me about it. I looked at the KickStarter and I was amazed about the game looked and how it would play out.

I think this kinda already discussed here: What makes Stonehearth interesting to you?

But… I’m super pumped for Stonehearth because it just has so much potential.

Some of my best gaming experiences have been on a server with friends playing things like Minecraft, Civ V, and Terraria and this is a lot like that. Plus the modding potential will give this game LOADS of replayability. I start getting all tinglely when I think about what kinds of things we’ll be able to do in this game in 3-4 years.

it has indeed… thanks @virtualFudge!


Well I played the hell out of settlers, so that was my hook in.
Also I love Minecraft and its style and this combines those two styles in a way.
Well and then I also played the hell out of Stronghold (The old one from SSI).

So when I saw the video: ALL OF MY BUTTONS WERE PRESSED!

I never threw money at the screen so fast before lol

They had a good video, I’m not completely sure why I got it in hindsight so I’m putting it down to a video that caught me which is kinda off considering I delayed for about a week before actually backing it. As for what I like about it would probably be the combination of city building that I like, the creative potential of minecraft, and the same kind of extreme modding that got be hooked onto Topia. The modding in particular, I know just from my own thoughts that playing as an individual character in the world in more exploration/rpg style should be perfectly possible and combined with the content/feature overload that can be generated by something not designed for modding like minecraft I’m sure this will be ridiculous if it gets anywhere decently popular which is quite possible given.

They were a team with a plan. Im sure all serious gamers here have thought about making that perfect game with all these cool features that would be totally awesome, in theory. These guys have showed us the game they want to make, but demonstrated that they are serious about it. even if it sounds totaly cool, they think about whether it actually works or not.

On top of that, they have found a theme for there game. All of the best games out there, no exception, have a particular feel to them such that its like art, without all the finger painting. (Ok so i dont really get art) If all the finishing touches are as good as the fan made music or better, this game will suck me into the world they create. And i feel that its the ability of the game to draw you into its world that makes a good game, great.

When i first saw this game, it was liked from a youtuber that i am subscribed to. When i watched the video within the space of one minute i fell inlove with this game. I just absoloutley love the idea and how they want to make it. I love that you can choose the size houses something i’ve never seen before and i love that the developers are so open in their live streams and their general attitudes towards the game! I love that the developers actually understand the basic principals of keeping a gamer happy like; no pay to win or subscription fees.