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If you paid through paypal you would have had to log in through paypal, which means that your email address would be used somewhere along the lines … I hope!

Have you not received any confirmation email at the address you use for paypal?


I had quite a bit of trouble getting my account created for these forums but I’m glad I was finally able to. I’m really excited about this game and I’m looking forward to what it has to offer. I’ve been playing around with the Qubicle Constructor and have been really enjoying it. I hope to share some of my creations here with everyone (though I can’t post pictures yet as a new user).


Hey, you may not have heard of me, I kickedstarted Stonehearth, posted on this foruming inactively for a couple of weeks, and then never came back. Sorry about that, I normally only stick to one forum. Anyway, that forum is gone to crap now (If you didn’t know, it’s It was good, but now it has way too many members and the owner of it scammed some guy to get a free website!)

Anyway, I’m probably going to post on this forum more often now, so I hope you guys won’t hate on me :p. I’m sorry if there is an introductions forum already, I cannot see a search bar on this Discourse website xD.

EDIT: God damn it, I just found it, I really dislike this Discourse layout, gonna take some time to get used to.


The owner of the forum scammed someone? Are you sure? O.o’
And I’ve noticed the forum has been down since yesterday(?) :confused:


Well, welcome back, nice to see you again!

If you need any help with discourse just let me know :smile:.

At the top right next to your picture is a magnifying glass, click that to search :smile:

You can also change your view from ‘latest’ to ‘categories’ by either clicking ‘categories’ at the top of the front page, or by clicking the icon directly to the left of your avatar in the top right.

As for the whole cubeworld thingy @xSlacker it’s all very conflicting and confusing, [url]This Reddit thread [/url]might provide you some info if you wish to see what’s going on


welcome back @bluetiger6001:smiley:

no worries, let’s just merge this up, shall we? :smile:

as for the cubeworldforum controversy (which i wasnt aware of) i wouldnt worry about it too much, im sure things will get sorted out… besides, you’re back among your Stonehearth brethren now… :wink:


How goes it, Stonehearth-ians (Stonehearth-ites? Gah…)? My name is Corporal Manshorts, and this is a little story.

Sitting at my computer, I find myself in need of a game where I can control a town with the efficiency of a very good mayor-like-dude. Searching, I find several games that came close, but I could not simply immerse myself. And then, Lo! and behold I stumble upon a gleaming gem in the dark cave: the Kickstarter project of Stonehearth! I immediately throw 30 dollars at my screen, realise what an idiot I am, and then pay 30 dollars the correct way through Paypal. I then watch the forums grow and prosper, and finally, create this account.

In closure, I say to you all: Hello! What a wonderful place we find ourselves in, and I hope to be a part of it for a while.


Hello! You may have heard about me. I am what you would call a casual gamer. I have a few hobbies like playing video games, filmmaking, surfing the web, and hanging out with my friends.


ahh, what the heck… let’s make it official… welcome aboard @CorpManshorts! :smile:

if you’re looking for some other games to keep an eye on, take a look at this thread… and if i may suggest, take a look at Timber and Stone if you want to get your city management fix right now… :wink:


Hello fellow stonehearthians, I am the great and powerful Cannon! I enjoy long walks on legos and like looking at the sun for hours on end


welcome aboard of great and powerful @Cannon0006 … may i provide you with some of @Geoffers747 vintage lego collection as an offering?


Is it the 1924 vintage?


Ok well, its rare that I say anything like this, and its the truth so here goes… ;D

I’m at 28 year old sniper in the US Army, active duty. I can’t say anything other then the fact that I’m excited to play this game. My co-workers always give me a lot of crap about the games I like. I’ve always played games and hold near and dear the days of command and conquer red alert. I love anything related to heavy AI mechanics in games, in my free time I program games more so as a hobby. When I exit the military I’ll be going to school for a computer science degree and look forward to learning more about AI and finding my niche in programming (I enjoy when I get the AI to react realistically to given situations…)

Yea… :expressionless:


if i say yes, will i be spared your wrath?

there’s no “salute” emote, but my hat’s off to you sir…

excellent choice from the franchise… :+1:

as do i… anything you care to share? :smiley:

you may have seen this already, but just in case you havent, take a look at @bitassassin’s great thread here


Yea someone wanted to see a recent waypoint / avoidance (pedestrian) movement I was working on using raycast methods that are low tax on a system (700 agents 90 fps dynamic avoidance) - I’m self taught with that in mind - still minor clipin’ issues on the avoidance. I’ve since fixed so they don’t “stack up” as much any more.

Most the stuff has already been done, and better of course - but if we didn’t have people trying to reinvent the wheel we would have never invented run flats? :smiley:

Don’t mind the startup screen, WIP can be a embarrassing thing… :wink:


o/ - My name is Luke (or Nentify),

I am 16 and studying IT, Maths and Economics in a sixth form in England, I spend a lot of my time online, and stumbled upon this game a couple of days ago via a YouTube video. I watched it and loved the style and the gameplay, and wanted to look into it more. I came to the site, read some of the old news articles and looked at some of the media, and then took a lot at the forum. If there’s one thing I love about this game already, it’s how much the devs communicate, which is great to see. I pre-ordered the beta release (I think that’s what it is, the December 2013 one), and cannot wait to try it out.

A bit about me personally - I have a large interest in web design, and want to delve further into programming. With modding being a thing at release, that’s always a good thing to help me learn various languages! Anyway, I’ve developed many websites in the past using PHP and Laravel mainly, but have also been looking into Ruby and Ruby on Rails. So if there’s ever a need for some form of community website, I’d happily help out. :slight_smile:

That’s about it for me - Thanks!

  • Luke/Nentify


welcome aboard @Nentify:smile:

and may I compliment you on having an excellent IRL name… :wink:


Why’s that, are you, or someone else called Luke? :stuck_out_tongue:


my son Luciano… aka Luke … he’s kind of a big deal/celebrity here… :smile:


Ahh, very nice! :grinning: