Fansite Creation

StoneHearth is an amazing game. From what I’ve seen anyways.

Which got me to immediately contact some of the people I, a while ago, created a group with. In the past we diddled, fiddled, and even sometimes fondled those impressively moddable games with some even more beautiful gameplay, to state one of the more obvious ones: Minecraft.
Now though, we’ve decided to create a Fansite of sorts and have even bought and reserved the domain name to park it at. It’s official launch will parallel StoneHearth’s beta.

But now for the reason of this post, we have some questions that we’re wondering if the early community might answer for us.

Some important ones are:

-Would you be interested in joining a fan-based-website?

-What type of environment (Look and feel) do you NOT like?

-What type of Features do you think a community for this Type of game needs?

Now as for that last question we have some features already in mind such as:

The Basics:

-A place to share/upload/rate/comment on Modules

-A Place to share/upload/rate/comment on in Game Creations

-A Specialized SmartForum that we’ve been working on developing

And the more intriguing, and in that case more debatable:

-VideoPark: A place to share video in different sections (such as Trailers, tutorials, etc…)

-BrainDrain: Things like Lua tutorials and such ( We are not professors but we try our best)

And of course the usual contests and community gatherings in some form or another that we all love (or absolutely despise, we don’t judge - apollo hates them but don’t tell him i told you-).

And of course these services would be provided free. Any premium service we decide on would not at any point hinder the website environment or we would discard them.

Any feedback would be great!

From the brightest light and darkest shadows: We Are Coming

I suggest getting in contact with the person who started stonehearth kingdom, thread is here Stonehearth MOD REPO/Nexus (to upload mods for download!) [No Email Validation!] []

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In the future (when we they have actually released something we can play) I could see fansites coming around. MAYBE in beta. that depends on what kind of beta Stonehearth has. But at this point in time, I think that any form of fansite is unneeded or would go unused, and would thus be a waste of time/money/etc. In my opinion, the time for fansites is when we have a well developed Beta available. Preferably something open or something people can buy into. If only kickstarter backers get in to the beta I would wait for full release or a release that people can buy in to.

There are already about 4 fan made websites floating around, perhaps more.

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To some degree we’d known we’d be reinventing the wheel and I’d seen “stonehearthkingdom” before. But we love projects and wanted to bring something from the ground up that was a bit more original.
The reason for this post was simply that while we tinker and Taylor the website we’re creating, it would be -and always is- great to have input.
Such as "oh I love dragons!! Please of please mister (big puppy eyes) put a dragon on the front page :DDDD"
Though maybe something a little more relevant :wink:

And in response to @Galphan
We understand this.
Like i stated in my original post it would "parallel the beta launch"
We do recognize that the creators of the game will probably have some in game way to share mods so we’re looking to make this website more than just a place to do that, and more than just a forum. We’re looking for the kinds of features that

these are the sites i could find after a cursory search: