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Hey discoursers and fellow Hearthling Lords! I had an idea pop into my head and wanted to open a thread about it. I know that Stonehearth is an amazing game and forsee it really being big when it gets out into the world (wait it hasn’t?). Hehehe. Anyway I was wondering if there are fellow Video Creators out there who would be interested in starting up a Stonehearth friendship so that when multiplayer does come into play (and when the game gets to release) we could do collabs and whatnot.

I’m sorta thinking about all the Minecraft groups I see on YouTube and think “they must have been friends or something prior to Minecraft getting released”. Idk… What do you guys think?

I’ve got a family-friendly channel and would be looking for others like that. Who knows maybe this thread become an area where we can find each other and collab? I know there was a pinned thread but I haven’t seen that list get updated (i’m not on it :frowning:)

Anywho here’s my channel for those that are interested and please feel free to comment about my idea! It would be cool to get something solid fleshed out by the time multiplayer is released! I have a feeling the mod community is going to have a feeding frenzy when it does!


This would be a great idea, sort of a Mindcrack / Hermitcraft idea for Stonehearth, this is something I was hopping would popup eventually as multiplayer got closer. Would this group be specifically family friendly only or more like Mindcrack where the non-family friendly creators respect family friendly creators when collabing?

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I’m not too fimiliar with the Youtube thing with the complex stuff like… Partnership and Copyright stuff, but if you can teach me thies i would love to do such a thing, improving my English speaking(That currently doesn’t have much swearing) and also getting prepared for my own content that i’m planning on (i’ll need to get… more use to the Camera and Microphone then i currently am)

Point is… i’d love to

(and i wonder what you mean in ‘family-friendly’)

He means the content will be for all viewers. No swearing, graphic images, violence etc…

I wasn’t expecting we all be one large group…but hey we can do that. I just wanted to get something start and see where it goes. For me it doesn’t matter too much who I play with so long as whoever I collab with is respectful of my channel (no swearing/vulgarity)

I’m sure other groups will get together too…just kinda wanted to get the ball rolling and see where it takes us!

There wouldn’t be a partnership or a network. Just a group of gamers who love playing Stonehearth! You could just be a YouTube partner which can be done easily in your own channel settings… If that what you need help with I can try to point you to some documentation.

To me family friendly means that anyone of any age can watch my content. I feel it means no swearing/vulgarity and the content I try to play is not super gorey or anything.

I’m a pretty laid back kind of guy and just love playing games with people so i’m hoping more for guys/gals having fun playing the game together :wink:

Could even have groups where collaborators build colonies and just focus on awesome builds. Idk I feel like there is a lot of potential with Stonehearth and with a decent modding community already I see it going through the long haul!

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Okay, if thats the case, i’m in

i have quite a amount of free time (witch will be a bit shortened after school starts again)

I want to try the Youtube partnership

and also, i want a Different channel for such things, could you help me on how to do that?

Ya let’s see where it goes, I’d be in for some collabs. Don’t know if you have seen my channel (, I don’t go out of my way to swear / be vulgar; however I also don’t monitor that it doesn’t happen either, during collabs with family friendly channels have no problem with being respectful.

I’d be interested in playing with folks for series. Unfortunately, I myself don’t have a YouTube account, so I’d have to coordinate with people and essentially piggyback. If you’re interested in having another person, though, I’d happy to help.

I think it would be pretty epic to have a master builder!!! Who knows we could even get build teams made up for specific series that may come about! Or if we need something epic :wink: Atralane I think we could definately use people who don’t necessarily have a YouTube account…and honestly I personally would love to just cause playing games with peeps is AMAZING!! But I would definately be sure to give you the proper shoutout :wink: Who knows Atralane may become the famous Build Team Master in the future Stonehearth :smiley:

Definately gonna check it out! I’m getting excited for this. Too bad we don’t have an ETA on multiplayer stuff :wink: I think what would be cool in the meantime for builders is featuring builds on YouTube! I think that would also help get the game out there more as well!


Ya I really hope we get an ETA on multiplayer soon.

I like the idea of a Stonehearth YouTube group, As far as Multi-player I’m really looking forward to it, But I believe it will be the very last thing to be done. I’d be Interested in playing with you guys occasionally, My channels main purpose is let’s build. I’ve checked out @christiazn0321 and @Krovikan channel you, You two have great content. I also Subbed to both you two :smile:

I’ve just started a new channel. Trying to Improve upone the content,

Good luck with this, I see it going pretty well.

Ya I agree we probably won’t see it for a while, depending on what Radiant plans on doing with the multiplayer is when we will see it. I think they have to start at least thinking about it soon so all the features they are adding will fit with multiplayer.

Woot you are number 175, I’m going to check out your channels once I finish at work.

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Sounds cool. I just need to get as good at recording Stonehearth as I am at playing it!

[I’ve tried to commentate Stonehearth before, but it’s a lot different than commentating Minecraft.]

hmm… sounds interesting to me, i might start a youtube channel soon, if that happens i would love to join you guys!

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Watches a few videos

Subscribed! :slight_smile:

i subbed to your channel @christiazn0321 :smile:

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Well, I haven’t been active on YouTube for almost a month (due to school… bummer :frowning: )
But next week I have time… I would love to collaborate… I want to expand my channel…
Thinks hard
Sure, why not? I’m in!


Thanks 8BitCrab! Welcome to the family and I surely hope you enjoy your stay :smile:


Not sure what we could do now to collaborate… Anyone have any ideas? I guess we could try and do stuff not Stonehearth for now but i’m pretty busy with the series’ that i’m doing now.

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This sounds really interesting and I would also join in but I am making videos in german. And I dont think I am a good enough english speaker to use that language in my vids.
On the other hand, mindcrack was mentioned and there are also quite some international people. Even though they are speaking english in their videos. hm…

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