New youtube Channel, Stonehearth First game! GFX, Youtubers and Modders needed!

I know this is quite early, but I would like to be prepared.

First of all we are going to make a series on youtube :smile: This is my ultimate goal.

In order to accomplish this, I’ll need quite a few things. The channel is new, starting with 0 Subscribers. The reason behind this is that I want to make a channel that can be pretty much game based.

I will be getting a $2600 Desktop with a 27" BenQ monitor. I will also invest money into recording software and editing software. I will purchase Payclaw or just use OBS for recording and I will use Adobe Premiere Elements 11 for editing the videos. If anyone would like to do this, feel free to ask.

What I will need from the community is:

  1. People who are experienced in creating fascinating art designs to add unique, enhancing gameplay.

  2. One or two enthusiastic people who are mature and love to play games on a frequent basis.

  3. A Graphics artist, so we can have very eye-catching themes on our youtube channel.

  4. People who are experienced with implementing mods, so we can add quests and such to the game.

You will need the beta to participate because I would like to start recording as soon as the beta releases. I guess I will have to ask for permission in order to upload the content, hopefully not. If you have any questions or would like to help please feel free to comment on what you can provide and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Our Youtube page is Changes to the channel will be implemented as soon as we aqquire our GFX artist.


I can fulfill number two, no problem. YouTube is StrategicOperations.

I will be doing the same with my Channel. [][1]
I plan buying a new recording system for this game.
If the Co-op can take more than two people, I will be happy to join you.


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im applaud your efforts @RemarkDragon … if there is anything i can do to help, just let me know… im not entirely sure what i could do (aside from #2), but you seem to have a fairly good plan in place… :wink:

I have an old version of fraps that I don’t use. If you would like the licence info I can give u my copy because I can’t see any difference between fraps and playclaw when it comes to fps (even though I use playclaw now) my youtube channel is Sloppy Brits if u want to message me. (Btw this is for free)

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I would also love to do number 2 :slight_smile: as it sounds like fun

If the servers allow it, I think a solid kingdom of 15-20 players would be pretty fun. :wink:

I’m in the same boat as @SteveAdamo, think this is a good idea and look forward to what you’ll be putting together in the future!

I can’t really offer any assistance apart from coming to your house and providing snacks and beverages?


Lets see…art design? Not enough to brag about. Graphics experience? Again, some, but not any that’s going to impress anyone, and I’m certainly not going to be volunteering for any such work. Mod experience? Not in the slightest, literally none whatsoever. But if you need yet another enthusiastic player, I’m your guy! Haha:). Oh, and I have beta access, which seems to be a selling point

I might possibly be able to fulfill both 2 and 4, and maybe 1 :slight_smile:

Thank you, I always like to be prepared!

That would be too complicated for a video, usually there are no more than four or five people at max in a call.

PM me your skype :smile: we can talk about mods and what you have in mind, so that we can have a wonderful experience, also if you seem worth enough you can also join the gameplay

I already have fraps, its just that with payclaw you can record in higher res and also the fact that I hate .flv files becuase they take ages to convert. Playclaw seems like a more reasonable choice. Thank you for your offer though, it was very kind!

I’ve checked your videos, you don’t seem to talk. Correct me if I’m wrong :smile:
I’m looking for people with mics w/ no static or background noise :smiley:

Just a short remark @RemarkDragon … you can edit your posts and if you use the @-sign, you can chose from a list of people who have responded to the initial post. People you highlight via the @-sign will get notified. That might work better than posting 5 consecutive answers ;-).


@voxel_pirate thanks for the tip! FIrst time using Discourse!

@RemarkDragon i can definetly do 2 and 4, i’m already looking to get heavily into the modding scene for this game. As mods is honestly one of the best things in gaming. And about 2, i can join in, i have a mic and recording software and professional movie editing software, i’m also educated in the usage of this, if that is any endorsement. :slight_smile: and if i can’t join, i’d still love to help out with just the mods :slight_smile: - Cookie_Snatcher P.S i do have beta access.

@Cookie_Snatcher Please Pm me your skype I would love to see what you are capable of!

Hmm…yes it would be very interesting to see this played out in the future!

-Wizard Max-