Stonehearth @ YouTube & Twitch (Channel Overview)


Stealing the idea of Mr. Adamoplease report in any YouTube- or Twitch-Channels you come accross or run by yourself related to Stonehearth, so we have a “one-stop-shop” here showing a complete overview.

Stonehearth Video Policy: If you want your channel added, please make yourself aware of the policy which you can find here… to which your content should always be aligned to.

  • RadEntVideos (official Stonehearth-Channel by Radiant Entertainment)

Stonehearth Only:

General Gaming:

  • CaptainMC Gaming (General gaming. Minecraft and Stonehearth.)
  • ChillyChemy (All of the videos from Alchemy69 & ChillChemy all in one awesome place.)
  • Clifford Dutka (Let’s Play of Stonehearth plus a few other indie sandbox games.)
  • EnchaJini Plays (Gameplays, Commentaries and Let’s Play Videos on the PC and PS4.)
  • Hamnisu (General Gaming)
  • HoneyBunnyGames (Playing games with town building elements.)
  • IamPetard (General Gaming)
  • JWall LP (Multitude of game genera’s.)
  • Lord Morgoth (General Gaming)
  • Martyrs’ Vale (Cripplingly derpy and thought-inspiring gaming footage.)
  • Mycelus (Videos for all sorts of awesome games, as well as product unboxings and reviews.)
  • ownerpure5 (Gaming videos - Open for game suggestions.)
  • RemarkableDragon (Gaming Channel with lots of gaming videos and discussions.)
  • Rever Dragon (General Gaming)
  • skull24 (Games, Games, Games and more Games)
  • Stratogenic (Games, games, and games. A few other things, too, but mostly games.)
  • StuffTurtle (Videos of building stuff and making funny videos of stuff.)
  • therealtkh (Inspiring gaming: tutorials, creative builds and let’s plays.)
  • Tyrant FiveDragonsForo (Spanish gameplays, reviews and tutoriales.)


Stonehearth Only:

  • Aeonsy (Covering all Alpha and Beta releases of Stonehearth.)

General Gaming:

The description and channel names are derived from information available on YouTube / Twitch. Please keep in mind that as long as the game is not available videos related to it might be a bit scarce.


thanks for doing the leg-work @voxel_pirate! :smile:

let’s pin this guy, shall we? and aside from this little interjection, let’s only post in here if you have a relevant YT thread, and we’ll keep the OP updated accordingly… :+1:


Thanks @voxel_pirate!

Umm… you forgot about mine. : P No biggy, though. Here’s the link:

@ManOfRet Just added it.

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Not wanting to steal footage from anywhere, I’m a bit limited at what Stonehearth content I can produce at the moment. But once the beta comes out, count me in!

I did not knew my user was onwerpure5 xD

I also plan to put out Stonehearth content on the tube. My channel was not ment to be more than a personal place for sharing with friends, but I found it pretty fun to do gaming videos with my own style. Maybe not unique, but definitely not common. All of a sudden I have 200+ subscribers and I hope Stonehearth will fit my format so I can put up a lot of SH content :smile:

Channel: FTB Infinity Lite #1 - Series Introduction (Modded Minecraft 1.10)

I actually did a “Stonehearth Trailer” by stealing the RadEnt trailer video and put it up, adding my own comments. All credits to you guys at RadEnt for that! But if you don’t approve of the video “theft” I will of course remove it. It is not monetized.

You can see my SH trailer here if you want to :smile:

While on the subject, I know it is ok to put up SH content, but is it also ok to use the music put on top? Many of my videos are “speedplays”, and higher speed means ruined music, so I add them later from mp3s while editing. I did not kickstart the $75 tier, so I’ll maybe have to solve that later. Music and gaming content can be treated quite differently as far as I know… So it would be good to know that it is ok first :wink:

@martyrsvale & @tkh just added both of you.

As the list gets bigger and bigger, I have split it into “Stonehearth Only” and “General Gaming”, to allow a better orientation. Maybe an additional split into “Modding” and “Playing” might be reasonable at a later point in time… open for suggestions :wink:.

@tkh Actually we have not heard anything on the music yet. So that’s a good question but I think we have to wait a bit to get an answer :disappointed:. What could be an option… we do have quite some talents here and I have already asked @CaseyEdwards (I hope it was you) if it is possible to re-use the fan-music. Depending on how you want to run your channel (monetized or not, etc.) it could be an idea to get in touch with one of them…

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@voxel_pirate Yeah that’s a good idea. I will do that. Maybe our beloved mods or even Rad themselves ( @sdee ?) can bring the question up to the guys in charge :wink:

Generally for my channel I try to use game specific music. In my Minecraft videos I use at least 90% of original music in my speedplay (a kind of let’s play) series. For other videos I use royalty free music, but to use music that is connected in some way to the game (original or fan music) feels more appropriate :smile:

Absolutely. I was also thinking about this topic already. I don’t think it is an issue to have the game sound on while you record (so it ends up on the video). However, “speedplays” might be a different topic. Let’s see if we get some statement… would be nice for sure to re-use the later music.

Btw. YouTube offers also a list of tracks which you can re-use for this purposes, as far as I understand it.

Hey guys, I have just recently started up my very new channel so I was hoping that you guys would give the one vid I do have and give it a watch and give me some tips on better youtubeing
plz and thx ~Pyre

*will post link when finished editting out channel, sorry

Done I do Believe, please give me some tips

@PyreStarite Personally I like a short introduction at the beginning of a clip (like you did it on the 4th) vs. almost 1 minute of watching on some creatures where nothing happens before I know that you are there (last video) :wink:. In one of the last streams I have learned (from chat) that you can add a custom thumbnail to each video… I am just playing around with that, maybe also an idea for you?

Are you planning to add some Stonehearth-related clips on your channel and therefore do you want to be added in the list above?

Yes, I plan on LPing stonehearth, and I was hoping to learn more about custom thumbnails, but I’m still new and I’m still experimenting with intros, thx for the information

~ also, thanks for watching my vids!

@PyreStarite Just added you to the list. Maybe you want to add a short description of your channel to the YouTube-page, e.g. what you want to share. If you do so, I will update the list above :wink:.

In December, I plan on making a Playthrough and some other fun videos with Stonehearth. If you plan on doing the same. Post it here so others will know and subscribe to your channel now and not later. When YouTube gets overcrowded with Stonehearth videos.

This video explains what my plans are in full detail.

merged with @voxel_pirate’s wonderful thread…

not exactly a youtube channel, but will twitch work?

General Game channel

Got one -
Creative Play at it’s Derpiest
I haven’t been able to contribute to my channel for a while, but please do forgive me, life hasn’t made it easy as of right now, and trying to get some maybe not so important footage off my phone that is holding back the works, I know nobody cares, but sorry anyways

@skull24 added you to the list.

@Cannon0006 Twtich is of course also an option… I have just adjusted the thread and overview. However, is this your channel where you are going to stream videos about Stonehearth? Looks like a channel which belongs to a gaming-community. Just to ensure that we have here a list of relevant links.