Boosting StoneHearth Channels on Youtube

I can’t say there is no element of self interest, there almost always is when it comes to these kind of suggestions.
However i have thought about it, and the altruistic effect outweighs the self promotion.

Here is my idea there are a few youtube channels dedicated to StoneHearth. The idea is that we sub, like and comment on each others videos, so we help each other get more exposure on youtube and give StoneHearth more exposure.
Since StoneHearth is still small on youtube there is not really competition to speak of, like you would have with making a Minecraft channel.

If you have a channel that’s focused on StoneHearth in any way or form ( lp, mods, Animation etc ) please leave a reaction so we can make a list for this “collaboration”

I hope i got my point across and don’t look like a self centered jerk :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not including gaming channels because usually they jump on every new game and see if its a hit or mis.

You could also do the thing where you have other Stonehearth channels as ‘Recommended’ or ‘Friends’ or whatever it’s called on your own channel page, where on the left you decide on channels you’d like it to offer links to from yours, so you create a little network of you and people can easily get to more SH videos. :slight_smile:

That would also be part of the idea. And for the liking, subbing and commenting its to give the channels a bit of inertia in the begin stages, since all Stonehearth channels are fairly new.

But its my idea, so i subbed and listed the recommended channels.
Found on this thread Stonehearth @ YouTube & Twitch (Channel Overview)

EllogeyenGames63 (Follow me on a magical journey through the game called Stonehearth)
Filmed Voxel5 (Animations and music all about stonehearth)
StoneHearthCentral45 (Latest StoneHearth news and game-play)
Mod & Play with Voxel Pirate40 (About modding and playing Stonehearth)

I like your idea about getting a Stonehearth-Youtube community going, though I’m not quite sure I agree with your reasoning for disallowing general gaming channels (though my disagreement is probably due to selfish motives :smiley:) For example, I’ve made videos on mostly Minecraft, but other games; and I’ve started to make Stonehearth videos–general overviews of the different releases. My question is why should I be excluded from the Stonehearth community simply because my videos aren’t solely dedicated to Stonehearth? Does that intrinsically make me an exploiter of new games? I don’t feel as though it should, though I’d be interested to hear your response.

Also, not including a channel link because I’m really not trying to self-promote–just further the conversation.

Also, also, not sure about the MC in your name. Is it initials… or Minecraft? :wink:

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I’m certainly in favor of @AeonsyMC’s objective, and will sub/like as many as I can… I’m also in agreement with @martyrsvale’s suggestion for the inclusion of general gaming channels…

the more the merrier! :smile:

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The exclusion is/was more based on the notion that gaming channels are more diverse thus are more likely to have a bigger pool to “fish” from.
And since StoneHearth only channels don’t have that kind of exposure i came up with the whole excluding debacle :stuck_out_tongue:
But i must agree if a channel gives Stonehearth good attention it must be highlighted.

Indeed i play Minecraft. But casual and not to make video’s. Thats why indeed i did the MC when i made this account.
But if i was completely honest my name should be AeonsyMC-StoneHearth-WoW-Cubeworld etc :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you want to fully cooperate then we should all make sure to add all of us in the descriptions (name and channel link) as well as name in the tags aside from the channel recommendations on the settings.
Making videos together also is quite a plus (obviously).

I’ve been doing this long enough to realize that most people are selfish and don’t care about anyone’s channel if its smaller than theirs. Most often those bigger channels won’t even attempt to talk to you since you can’t give them extra viewers.
This is why I envy the Yogscast crew, they recruited so many unknown people and made them big and popular, I wish I could do that one day. Something I wish the most is being able to make some youtuber happy with one referral or mention in a video or on twitter. Too bad I’m also one of the small guys :smiley:

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I think there should definitely be a list. check /r/stonehearth a few people posted vids there. As you get more urls put them at the top for ease of access

I do think thats to much for now. And not a lot of people take the time to look at the video description. Usually its to glance over to see what the video is about.
If you take a look at my youtube channel you can see who i’m subbed to and who i liked and also the recommended channels. I think that more than enough exposure for the channels i support.

If there were a patch from StoneHearth supporting servers… Well lets say i’ll be doing something else right now :wink: But indeed in the future this will be part of the “deal” to.

There is a list on the forum Stonehearth @ YouTube & Twitch (Channel Overview)

made by @voxel_pirate

The most views any channel gets is from the search and suggested videos. The best way to link up a few channels is by adding them to the description and tags. It’s all in the SEO. You will maybe have 5 out of 1000 people click the description links but if several channels are linked through the description and tags, they will be in related videos.

You can see here, these are my stats for the last 30 days. Everything helps but as you can see, search and suggested videos are the best :smiley:

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I see indeed. I’m a bit new to the whole youtube thing (creating content that is) so tips and tricks are always welcome:)
Btw i added you to my recommend channels and subbed :wink:

If anyone has Twitch livestreams where they will be doing Stonehearth stuff, you can also add them to the livestream section of Stonehearth Kingdom:

Just did :wink: thanks for the info.

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