A New Youtube Channel, HELP NEEDED!

Hello and welcome to StoneHearthCentral, on the channel I will be uploading development updates about the game and then eventually gameplay when the beta is released later this year. YouTube

The channel is looking for a graphic designer and potentially new content creators depending on how things are going, just PM the channel and you will get a response fairly quickly, thanks! :slight_smile:

hi @StoneHearthCent … welcome aboard! :smiley:

you might consider stopping by this thread and chatting with @RemarkDragon to see if there is any chance for potential “resource sharing”…

@SteveAdamo unless he wants to partner with me I won’t really have any intention of discussing things about my channel

If you have the money. It’s best to pay for a graphic designer.

apologies if i overstepped… it was really just a suggestion to see if you had found folks who may have volunteered to do similar tasks for your channel… again, sorry about that… :cold_sweat:

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Stay strong @SteveAdamo . May the lord have mercy on your soul.

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I see what you mean, we could try and work something out like coop etc.

That’s fine I wasn’t expressing any anger just some details that I thought he should know if coming to me for help :slight_smile:

Private message me your Skype, we cod work something out possibly.