My youtube channel and Stone hearth

Ok so i might put on some stonehearth content on my youtube channel, it depends on if i get it for beta.

So if i get a beta copy, i will do updates reviews, also mod reviews and a big LP of the game.

My Youtube channel

hey there @ownerpure5… best of luck with your channel! :+1:

note to self

create youtube master list…


Yeah i think that would be an awesome idea, also are you a dev of the game? :o

creating a running list of youtube LP links? yeah, would certainly be handy in a few months! :smile:

no, just a crazed fan, doing his small part for the betterment of mankind… :wink:

@Geoffers747 and i are forum moderators… he’s the bad cop… im the good looking cop…


Look! It’s SteveAdaman! Fighting for justice and FPB’s everywhere!!

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You mean, Steve Adam Ant, fighting for waistcoats everywhere.


my day just started, and already it feels somehow “complete”… thanks for that! :smile: