Steve's Youtube and fun stuff and things (and stuff) thread!1!

hey folks!

so I figured I should cleave off from the other YouTube channel thread, as I was seriously (inadvertently!) monopolizing the recent discussion… :blush:

this place will house my sensationally large video library, currently housing an impressive array of …


2 videos! :smile:

expect this list to grow though, as I have let’s play videos in the works for Stonehearth, StarCrawlers, RimWorld and possibly some additional Rogue Wizards footage (if and when I get access to new builds)…

I will ideally be featuring up and coming indie titles as well… :+1:


updating the OP with a running/alpha list of videos:


Rogue Wizards



Rogue Wizards

Indie Insights #1

Indie Insights #2


ok folks… as has been suggested by a few of you, I believe i’ll toss my hat in the YouTube ring… at least until I see something else shiny, and get … … …


as I was saying… I think i’ll give this a go, but I want to get a few “minor” things squared away before I jump into the deep end… :swimmer:

I’ve registered a handful of accounts, and the one I think i’m happiest with is ImEvenSteven… no, there’s nothing there yet! but I have a number of videos/concepts in mind… :smile:

to give you an idea of what the channel will feature, here’s the initial “about” page content:

This family-friendly channel will be dedicated to providing (mostly) unbiased insights and feedback on the Indie PC gaming scene.

My hope is that this will serve as a means for these new titles to gain more media exposure and attract a broader user base.

here’s where I need your help! if anyone has some graphical prowess, and would like to try your hand at developing an icon and channel art… well, I may have some lovely prizes on tap! :+1:

is this an outrageous abuse of my position in the community? … absolutely

should we dwell on this? nahhh:wink:

the request: develop an icon and channel art for my new YouTube channel!

the reward: perhaps a hodgepodge of items (my undying devotion, custom title, steam titles of your choosing, etc.)

the theme: something “upbeat”? pc gaming… indie scene… maybe me sitting at my desk? clearly, this is where you come in!

p.s. paging @Goldmetal! @Froggy! @DaniAngione! @Miturion (insert the names of other talented folks here!)

thanks!! :smiley:


More for curiosity, gimmie a picture of you at your desk.
And one where you’re shirtless.

EDIT: I’ll take a dab at it, but I dunno, I generally just do stuff for Twitch.

Also, Twitch streams SH on occasion (Generally on request).


I don’t have 3DS Max on my laptop I’m afraid, else I could have created something voxely and glorious…


done (eta … soonish)

doubly done… :blush:

well, thanks! :+1:

yes, I know you are sans resources… but I had to call you out, as I also know you could have whipped up something pretty stellar… :smile:

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Welcome to hell @SteveAdamo:wink:

Just kidding, I’ve been kind of active for 1½ years now, spent a lot of time, got very little back… But there are nice people out there that keeps me going. Things can go slow if you’re not very good at what you’re doing and getting that monster-spread after a big hit. I have 1933 subscribers when writing this, not much considering how much time I have spent, but I guess it could be worse :stuck_out_tongue: Based on my slow progression, I can’t give any good tips.

Regarding your questions and requests I have nothing to give. My artistic skills goes as long as my TKH-picture. And I know how to do transitions and fading in my videos :blush:

But a few thoughts: How much time are you prepared to spend? Do you have any goals or milestones? You have equipment to use? Hardware (like a good mic) + Software (recording/editing)?

I don’t think you’ll have to be a good artist to do a good job on YT, but the small things like good quality for sound/picture, not using windows movie maker standard “title track” with standard font (or what to calll it) can make it look a lot better than it is :wink:

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hey @tkh… thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

this is just a small undertaking at this point… I have no interest in ever becoming a YT sensation (which we all know is entirely possible, given my level of awesome)…

no, I am really just doing this for the enjoyment of discussing/showcasing PC indie titles… if I get 3 subs, well… all the better! :smile:

as for tools, I have the hardware squared away, and have my recording/editing software as well (movavi)… I’ve made a few test videos, and am working out some of the kinks with my mic (its a little too sensitive right now, and I need to tweak that a bit)…

I’ve also made a little progress on my own channel art and icon… will probably show off those l33t skills later today… :wink:

edit: ok, here’s my current (temporary) channel art and icon… they images were blatantly stolen borrowed from both Team Radiant and my BFF @Froggy, and tweaked ever so slightly… :smile:

the icon is from some very early SH concept art, and the background is from one of @Froggy’s binge voxel sessions… I played around with fonts and effects a bit and i’m happy with this… for now:wink:

next up: some test content!


Sounds good, I don’t doubt for a second that you’ll succeed if you really wanted to :blush:

Pro tip: If you want to use music, make sure it’s ok to use it. Like Creative Commons or a game soundtrack that you have a permit on. Of my 5 latest video uploads, 4 of them got copyright claims due to the soundtrack. A total of 9 claims from 4 different publishers. When writing this I still have 3 claims to get rid of from 2 publishers that haven’t responded. So yeah… be careful with music… For a small channel like mine it doesn’t really matter that much, I’m not doing it for a living, but I think it’s annoying to have ads in my videos that I didn’t put there.

Btw, the videos are a Hotline Miami Tribute in 5 parts. A total of 500GB recorded material, MANY hours of editing work and the result is a 96 minute long game and music experience. I’m happy with the result, but when the first reward is a copyright slap in your face it’s not as fun anymore :wink:
[Not pasting spam link here, if you are interested, check link in top post]

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well, thanks! :smile:

I believe i’ll have my very first recording up tonight (or at some point over the weekend)… don’t want to spoil the surprise, buts is a “first look” of sorts for a KS campaign currently underway… :+1:

hmm… well, the only post editing I had in mind (or that I have had experience with, is splicing footage and text overlays)… I had no intentions of introducing new music… unless of course you were referring to music that is already in the game?

in which case, point taken! most of the games I have aspirations of covering have their own custom tracks (indie titles), but I believe your specific example (Hotline Miami) uses popular tracks from existing artists… no?

still… will definitely keep your advice I mind! :+1:

Yes, the game use music from already existing artists, so I was kind of expecting it, but I couldn’t let that stop me. Also, it was good experience… But that doesn’t make it fool proof. One of the first videos I made for Stonehearth got stuck in this annoying system and was never approved even though I provided the information required… It can be shown but can not be monetized.

Furthermore, I have used a lot of music from Kevin MacLeod, Creative Commons Licensing… All of a sudden, I got like 5 videos claimed where the same tune was used as background music by a poet, reading his… stuff. But since that poetry reading was sold as an album, YouTube’s (stupid) automated system tagged the videos. I was able to get them all released though. This scenario has happened twice, and there is nothing I can do to prove my rights except for sending a mail to the publisher and just hope they are honest.

The best way to be safe is to skip music totally. But how fun is that :blush:

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I expect new channel~
But I consider your request, channel art is a time-consuming job.
If you make new youtube channel, send me a URL.

When I decide about this request, I bring a art for you in the near future.

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right… so, making a YouTube video is … fairly time consuming! :smile:

and while i had fun stumbling my way through my first video, i have it listed as private for now… i want to have some of you all take a look/listen and let me know what you think… paging @colinday! :wink:

i can already tell that i’ll need to adjust my microphone settings (again) as all the balancing i did at home, didnt seem to translate as well as i’d hoped once the video was uploaded to YouTube… :cry:

in order to give you access to a private video, i believe i need your YT name or email address? so, send me a PM if you’re interested in giving the first video a whirl! :smiley:

p.s. i learned that YouTube offers a number of post processing options all within your channel manager… could have saved me quite a bit of time!

i spent a decent amount of time inserting some “witty” comments (via my recording software) over some of my more mangled commentary… turns out, you can directly overlay annotations via the YT console… :blush:

well, i just heard back from the developers… and if they’re OK with my amateur attempt at video production, well then… its good enough to unleash upon the “masses”… :smile:

comments and critiques are absolutely welcome! :smiley: :+1:



It’s like listening to a old man with a beard mixed with some middle aged man. Who is on a bumpy wagon. YES. There’s also a nice wine. I could eat cheese listening to this.

Your voice has the ability to both suck all life out of the video, but it can also breath life into it, You did both, from what I watched.


hahahahaha!! I have no earthly idea how to process this, but i’ll take it! :smile:

I shall endeavor to improve on the commentary… its actually rather hard to play and describe what your doing at the same time… but I have a few more recordings under my belt now, and I think they are sounding a bit more natural… :wink:

stay tuned for part 2 from Rogue Wizards on Tue or Wed… and with any luck, i’ll toss up my LP for Stonehearth a little later this week… :+1:

edit: and I just realized I’ve been absolutely derailing this thread! :scream_cat:

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For shame @SteveAdamo For shame. Derailing a thread? :stuck_out_tongue:
Also we could actually use a list of creative things people from the forum are doing like your channel and @Pepe’s art :slight_smile:

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You should be ashamed, Steve, going out of topic like this. Moderate yourself :wink:

Oh, btw, the thing I said earlier about “there being nice people out there but I’m mostly spared”. I just got this comment in a rather popular video I made a few months ago.

good this was unbearable to watch your f****** voice is s***, just stick to your own language cuz your english is s***

I’m old enough not to be angry or go internet-berserk by these things, but it’s still rather annoying. Luckily, from another commenter I got this:

Very nice! :smiley: Thanks alot mate!
Btw you have a very calm voice thats nice xD

So overall, the good guys beat the trolls :smile:



Now that was nice to watch! Really great first attempt i would say and you got a pretty pleasing voice sir (not the mumble one;) This might even drive me to throw money at them for development…the only real drawback is the estimated release date, but that’s for sure not your fault. Anyway keep it up and looking forward to watch more of your adventures! :thumbsup:

[quote=“thorbjorn42gbf, post:107, topic:3271”]
Also we could actually use a list of creative things people from the forum are doing like your channel and @Pepe’s art
[/quote] Count me in! For part-time lurkers like myself it would be great to know on what stuff the community is working besides SH mods…


No one cares, rails where made to be followed, roads are suggestions, I’d say we’re off roading and off railing. And we have a cargo helicopter. And those fighter jets I got from the tooth fairy, and that aircraft carrier, I got from Santa, and those nukes I got from Russia…

and I just realized I’ve been absolutely derailing this thread!

Sound familiar?

So yah, I would watch you play rimworld, but I’ve lost a taste for the more… Rouge kinds of game. For now, I might change my mind later, but i got all played out when i was younger.

You know the drill.

I’d say you’d need a heavenly idea, but that’s just me. I’m saying that you made parts interesting and parts boring, so it’s more neutral. Also, I’d suggest doing as many vids as possible for practice, it will help in my not humble opinion. I’ve never tried commentating on something in my life, so i’m sure it’s harder than I imagine.

So what have we learned? Steve’s voice brings all the boys to the yard. And, assuredly, the girls, they where just farther away.

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I honestly wish I could help. As far as art goes, I drew my personal icon a while back, but aside from that and the basic Paint projects you occasionally seen in my threads, I don’t really draw much now.

My serious goal is music and sound creation, though. I did some music during my undergraduate studies in our electronic lab, but I’ve still to contact the composition department at my current college and gain permission to utilize their equipment (my field of musicology takes a lot of time out of the day…).

Eventually, I’d like to compose and put together music for people, especially for online/gaming purposes–it seems that copyright slaps are happening to everyone. Having some brand-new compositions (perhaps even tailor-made specifically) might make it a little easier for people.

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