Check Me Out, Fine You Too

Post your social media links here so people can get to know you better. Like so: My Twitter

Well this is RadEnt’s my YouTube channel where I release videos occasionally of the progress I’ve made with my game. More often though I just livestream this as it becomes progress on my Twitch channel :smile:

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IMPOSTER!!! Have him executed!!!


pls sub to my youtube n folow me on twitter n lik me on facebook n add me on dis forum plz.

how 2 ad!!! stil new hear sry guyz if spem

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well, it seems there is an “invite” option on our profile pages, but for the life of me, i cant figure out what it does (perhaps its not yet implemented, or enabled via the admin console)…

oh, and i love your profile description… :blush:

Madly in love with Joffers and SteveAdamo.

finally, the only twitter feed you need can be found right here… whoops! i mean here…


That was totally uncool… (what has been seen, cannot be unseen). Never in my life have i witnessed such horrors, and here i thought oh what is this whoops accident link… then blam… the burning… my eyes… ARGH… !

Ok I’m done over reacting having a totally normal reaction to what was clearly some horror from the seventh circle of hell.

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my deepest apologies… i havent a clue there that link came from…

as a means of atonement, let me offer this cute picture of a sleeping kitten…


OMG a Kitten !!! :smile:

ah kitty, you make everything ok again

so there was something… something horrible… but now overly distracted but incredible cuteness

Isn’t that your homepage?

chokes on his beverage…

wha? no… absolutely not… perish the thought!


look, over there! it’s something you should focus your attention on!!


and just to make this somewhat relevant to the thread, the Stonehearth Source twitter feed now has 50 followers… thanks mom!

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Considering we only tweet about the Qubicle or writing competition I’m chalking that up as a win … we should probably broaden our horizons

You could advertise those t-shirts @SteveAdamo keeps mentioning?

The one’s with his workout regime on the front and back?

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this one?


my thoughts as well… unfortunately, that potential “cease and desist” order i mentioned last week? well, the judge formally issued it…

how my bulging muscles can be considered “indecent in public” is beyond me… geez, some people are soooo touchy…


touchy feely indeed.

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