Official Community Twitter Feed - Follow Us!

Hey everyone,

We’ve (@Steveadamo and myself) gone and created a community twitter feed over here, because we needed another space on the internet to terrorise everyone:

We’ll tweet about anything and everything Stonehearth, as well as stuff from around the forums. So, follow away!


The virus spreads! :wink:

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Nice… and who of you two is the girl? :wink:

Both. They are lesbian :wink:

that all depends on who’s asking… and whether @Geoffers747 has cab money for the ride home…

we originally had a lovely version of the magma smith as the avatar, but it was replaced with those lovely voxel citizens… but if anyone wants to put together an original Stonehearth themed avatar, to use on our twitter feed, feel free to post it here… :smiley:


Followed before I even read the first post :tongue:. Read the title, opened it, and skimmed for a link, haha


@SteveAdamo With this one, at least you do not have to decide who is the female part :stuck_out_tongue:

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I WANNA BE THE FEMALE Might have to add the sheep into the mix, thank you very much @voxel_pirate!

ohhh… i like, i like!

perhaps we’ll constantly swap these out? :smile:

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Here some more to swap out :smile:


What … the hell … is that guy doing to the sheep.

@Miturion you are a monster.

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I can better ask you, cause that guy is you :smile:. You see, he wears the sweater you made a picture from for your avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I think you cuddle him too hard.

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I didn’t actually notive that first time round! Great detail @Miturion you’re earning yourself a place in my good books!

I suppose the baldness is a dig at the fact I’m going thin on top and see it as a direct attack on my masculinity, so, thanks for that.

Here, gave you a crocodile cap so noone sees your baldness :wink:


im just curious… did @Geoffers747 grow bored of cuddling, and decide to go all carnivore on me in this pic?


@SteveAdamo He has to eat too you know. :blush: You are showing his baldness, I think that is a valid reason to eat you. :smile:

The crocodile hat is amazing, can you remove the sheep and rotate the guy so he’s facing off to the right rather than the left?

I’ll love you forever!

Did some different lighting settings to let your beautifull right face half stand out even more then your ugly left one.
girls … *shakes head * :unamused:
There you go :grin:


You beautiful person,when I get back on a pc it looks like my avatar is changing!

The only way that could improve, is if it was a panda rather than a crocodile!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

noooo! change is baaaad!

oh wait, maybe not… :stuck_out_tongue: