[Dev Blog] - Moving Day!




Companion cube <3, With that thing there it just seems so done to me.


hahaha… i wasnt going to analyze each of the items (i figured @voxel_pirate would bust out his CSI gloves for that)… but thats a nice catch… :smile:

i do love how open the space is, and that they’re using IKEA furniture… its going to look like some kick-arse, ultra nerdy dorm room… :+1:


So much space, looks like a nice office.


yea, that is a nice office.


Request a video tour on the office! when it’s done please!


@SteveAdamo I’ve seen the blueprints, and the Steffers Geodamo water feature is slap bang in the middle with the desks facing towards it.

It’s gonna look fabulous.


oh, so thats why you were taking those photos of me in awkward poses…

to aid in the sculpting of the feature… right? :neutral_face:

either way, cant wait to see it!


Well, no, they were for my own personal satisfaction.

The shot of us at Disney World with the mickey mouse ear hats is the one I sent off :smile:.


I think they should have the ceiling like the Sistine Chapel…except instead of paintings, it has 3D Stonehearth models sculpted into it…


ooo, i like… we should start a list of “what the office should house”… we vote on it as a community, and radiant incorporates it into the space… :smile:

  • foosball table
  • giant velcro wall, with associated velcro suits
  • water feature of @Geoffers747 and myself (a given)
  • giant Zen garden, but with tiny little rakes


They could actually play Tomshot! He jumps and lands on the wall and they have to hit him with little foam balls that hardly fly through the air…:smile:


And trampolines in the floor, ya know, for that extra bounce.


Its pretty obvious that you’d need a rollercoaster aswell. and hordes of puppies (WITH goggles mind you).


I hope our devs will not get influenced too much by the furniture. At the end we will see characters called “Snille”, “Torkel” and “Byllan” running around in our settlements, just because they suffered from some lack of creativity after Burlyhands. Well, actually that might be an idea for you @TobiasSabathius :wink:.


I give it a week before they’re showered in broken parts.


well, yes… obviously…

again, its painfully obvious…

unfortunately… also a given… :smile:


So I guess next time we get a team-photo?
After all most of us do only know 3 of the now seemingly full team of 5… or would @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 be so nice and share the pictures they obviously have with us?


Hey… 3 out of 5 is much more than we know of most other game developers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Maybe Albert and Chris are shy and do not want to be exposed to the public.


I can share some pictures of @SteveAdamo although I’m not convinced you would truly like to see them …