[Dev Blog] - We’re Moving! Plus Reworking the Wolf

Desktop Tuesday… WELCOME to #5, Chris! And congratulations to #4, Albert! :smile:



First, we finally have the keys to our new office space in downtown
Los Altos, CA!

a hearty congratulations to Team Radiant! must be super exciting, to borrow the phrase… :smile:


ok So I guess i will be starting this discussion this tuesday. So first of all the wolf looks great and more importantly I am glad animations are under way(everything seems on track :smile: ) , next i agree with you voxel I feel like the team is growing fast the more the merrier i guess.

edit:I guess I wont be starting off the discussion,should have known Steve would already be on the case!

From what I understand, with Chris the team is now complete.

Exciting times ahead!

5th team member as well … this is starting to feel like one of those films where they reassemble the old crew to kick ass and take names.


Good news all around :smiley:

hearty congratulations #2… welcome aboard Chris! :smiley:

Yesterday we added the 5th member to Team Radiant, Chris! Chris is a
talented and experienced programmer joining us from Google.

was he 'in-between" jobs, or did you literally scoop him up from among the ranks of the gainfully employed… at freaking Google?

because, i think their breakroom may surpass the beer-pong @Ponder has set up in the back of your new office… :wink:

edit: umm… nerd-gasm!

After he gets back in a few weeks, he want to do a blog update
describing his work on terrain generation
, which should be a pretty
informative piece.


I haven’t seen [urlhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt2234155/] the Internship [/url] (and I don’t think it’s going to win any awards) but I heard that Owen Wilson’s character was based upon Chris.


Seriously, though, a chap from Google = pretty good scouting work. (y)

Well, Albert was an old room mate of Tony and Chris is a former co-worker of Stephanie and Tom. I guess my application did not had any chance right from the beginning :disappointed:.

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Did you attach those pictures we took?

Have you seen [urlhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1245526/] Red [/url]? What we’re witnessing is the game industry version.

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Don’t worry, you still have one!

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If i could only post 2 characters it would be <3.



Come on, man!

Super awesome, congrats to Albert and his to-be. Also a huge welcome to Chris! All proper superhero teams have 5 members.

Can I artfully deposit a few questions on terrain generation here for any upcoming streams? I’m not sure where to leave these, I’m not able to be on when the streams happen usually.

Mainly I was curious about generation API. I realize it’s literally being written now, so I know specifics aren’t available.

How much control will we have to script changes to the initial generation? Such as can I specify special starting terrain (example: from a Qubicle model), or would I need to use the API to create “in-game” this terrain? It seems hard to insert a custom area into a generated map is why I ask.

A better example: Say I need a large lake with an island on it, and I need it fairly specific to fit these buildings and events that I plan for a module. Is it possible for me to specify this, and if so, is it done thru generation APIs or via importing a giant lake model I drew up in Qubicle. Just curious if I should start modeling a bunch of lakes :smiley:

P.S. Like the wolf!

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@Roughshod Just feel free to post your questions in this thread over here. That’s where they are all collected and picked from to be answered in the live-streams… if you are lucky enough :wink:.


That is exactly how it feels.


excellent question… :+1:

thanks for the redirection… :smiley:

and to make this balance, here’s some inflection

gratz on the new office and the marriage and Chris.
I like the wolf. The mane might look weird a bit indeed. But keeping it and calling it judge would work for me too :smile: