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Will dyes be handled in a fairly realistic way with a similar style to Minecraft, mainly coming from flowers and such, or are you considering dyes to have more hard-to-find ingredients, making dyed clothing etc. somewhat of a luxury?

[color=blue]Answer: dyes will be handled in a realistic way (plants, minerals, etc.)[/color]

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You said last stream we could design a flag or symbol right in the beginning of the game. How will this be handled? Will we just use a simple in game painter? Or will we pick from prefabs?

[color=blue]Answer: have to figure it out; ideal would be simple in-game painter (eventually); for beta, likely to have pre-fabs[/color]


And on a very related note, if a weaver is a very early-game class, would it be the weaver who you might need to unlock these [your flag or symbol]? I’d say that would be pretty cool :smile:

Will there be a separate tailor class or will you integrate it with the weaver?

[color=blue]Answer: the tailor and weaver shall essentially share roles, with the weaver potentially upgrading to the tailor[/color]

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Question 1: Generation APIs

Ok I have a second question now too :smile:

Question 2: Global values.

What sort of global variables / attributes do you suspect will be included into the game, as it relates to terrain and biomes. Specifically: let’s suppose the SH engine has a global attribute called “temperature.” Will this be the determining factor in the engine’s processing of biome type?

Pseudocode examples:

temperature range 0-100
if temp <= 32; precipitation = snow, water state = ice
if temp <= 15; add effect: hail
else temp >32; precipitation = rain, water state = fluid

(for crops)
if temp < 50; crop grow rate = 0.5 
if temp > 50 & < 90 crop grow rate = 1

etc etc.

So this is what I’m curious about - how will the overall game allow us to tie events to the biomes, and the biomes to events. For example, lets say I want to mod in coats. I can set a trigger in the villager AI to detect if weather is ‘cold’ then they can swap models to the ‘coat’ model, and so on. I can trigger all sorts of tangental stuff to this temperature value, and to the person playing the game, it all looks seamless. Of course people get coats when its cold, crops grow slower, etc.

For myself, I was hoping this mechanic is inherent in the engine because I was hoping to copy/paste/modify it to have a ‘radiation’ global value in addition to temp :slight_smile:

What is important to me is does this fall into the “you coooould do this… but it would be reeeeeally hard…” category like reprogramming pathfinding, or is it “oh yeah, it’s totally doable,” like adding another faction type.

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[color=blue]Mod edit: Now being answered, count your blessings and praise your gods.[/color]

[color=blue]Answer: functions to manipulate terrain - yes, any terrain you want (functionally); working on logic to allow custom terrain (tile) blend in with randomly generated; yes to coat logic (general idea)[/color]


To what extent will the Dwarves be underground? Will the entrances to underground labyrinths be the only thing visible surface wise or will there be more then that?

[color=blue]Mod Edit: Answered in stream [/color]

[color=blue]Answer: its a sandbox game; either can build/live above/below ground[/color]

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Will the Magma Smith be able to make things out of obsidian? Like maybe walls, doors, draw bridges or even furniture (I would love to make an obsidian bed frame). Possibly weapons and armor when as he gets to a higher level. Maybe at some point castle walls not with like lava pots or special bricks.

Will you ever have complete control and utter over a unit? And do they equip things on their own when working or must you put the thought in their mind to grab another tool to continue work.

Why did you choose Lua over alternatives such as Javascript? Modern engines for them pretty much negate speed so was just that Lua was easier to incorporate or something?

Are you upgrading to Bootstrap 3 or sticking to Bootstrap 2?

this may prove useful in their reasoning behind the choice:

Pushing more of the core engine to Lua will make the final game much more moddable than the track we were on before
I can turn the edit-test-debug loop much faster when I don’t have to wait for a recompile.

  1. Why do you always livestream at 4PM? It is exactly the time I go to bed (midnight UK time) :c. Not that I’m unappreciative, but I would love an earlier live stream every once in a while! :).

[color=blue]mod edit: its the time they have settled on for now[/color]

  1. Can we see the whole gang together? :D.

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  1. Any chance of a Dungeon Keeper style first person view? More for aesthetics than anything else of course…I guess that’ll be pretty pointless and wasted effort, though.

I’m wondering as how stats will be implemented in the game, Will having a higher str or dex improve the quality of the item crafted by a smith for example?

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Its been mentioned that destruction will be included but how will it work will buildings be destroyed bit by bit or all in one go, will we be able to recover resources from destroyed structures and finally will remnants of destroyed buildings remain for a while after its destruction or be there permanently?


Does the engine support visual effects for block ageing? Like, if you’ve put down a wooden shed at the start of the game and 50 years go by, does it look the same as a brand new shed, or will the wood fade over time? Moss growing on stone bridges, vines growing up brick walls. A bit of flavour graphics, you know.


That’s actually a really awesome question. Let’s hope the answer is positive!

Any solid decisions on livestock to stand in for the “boring” cow for various civilizations?

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Have you thought after the game is released, you`d try to release it on next gen? Like minecraft did.

If one spent the entire game preparing would one be able to capture/immobilize a titan? you said unlikely in steam but i was wondering if it was possible if you were preparing from early game? even with IMMENSE difficulty?

will the characters eventually say stuff when you tell them to do stuff? like if I task a village to cut wood, he would respond with ‘aye’ or something?