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Modeling some Carpenter items :arrow_right: Friday, September 13th, 2013

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Countdown to the End of the Kickstarter! :arrow_right: Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Virtual Pizza Party Q&A :arrow_right: Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Modelling the Dragon Whelp :arrow_right: Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Stonehearth: Introduction to Modding :arrow_right: Friday, May 17th, 2013

Stonehearth: Introduction to Modding :arrow_right: Friday, May 17th, 2013

Forging the Magma Smith :arrow_right: Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Animating the Mammoth Pet :arrow_right: Monday, May 6th, 2013

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Will sleeping be affected by time or a sleepiness meter? And if it’s by a sleepiness meter will they take a nap while not working and during daylight to get an extra boost when the need to do something again?

[color=blue]Answer: currently its driven by time of day; it will eventually be driven by a meter[/color]


Will there be random events going on like a Goddess or a Demon giving u buffs or debuffs or etc?


What is the status on the Qubicle - Stonehearth special edition to export creations?

[color=blue]Answer: after beta starts[/color]


On Updates:

  • How is hiring and extending of the team going on?
  • How is the fit-up of the new office going on?
  • Did you already decide on external support for the sound / music in game?
  • Any news on “negotiations” with Minddesk, regarding Qubicle?
  • Any update on water physics in the game (now that waterfalls have been spoilered)?

[color=blue]Answer: almost fully staffed, with two more folks rounding out the team (soon); the previous office space deal fell apart, and they are pursuing new space now (possibly in the next 4 weeks)[/color]


How do you think the skill tree will work?

  • Large amount of levels with percentage buffs, i.e. Cube World?
  • Fewer levels with bigger skills, like a level 1 Blacksmith can craft stone swords, level 2 gains ability to craft bronze, level 3 can craft bronze shields, etc?

[color=blue]Answer: they dont want us “managing numbers”, or individual skill trees; when you go up a level, you get access to new recipes, etc. (obvious stuff)[/color]

  • Will the engine use deferred rendering or something similar so that there can be lots of little lights at night?
  • Will there be transparent and glowing voxels? In that case, any thoughts on how to make them in Qubicle or with other tools?

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  • will there be any additional pre-beta builds provided to your youtube contacts?

    • [color=blue]Answer: yes, as we get closer to beta[/color]
  • will there be any sort of in-game tutorial?

  • just to confirm, is “profession swapping” frowned upon (will there be a unit performance hit), or simply not possible?


Some questions related to modding:

  • Will it be possible to create screenshots out of a mod and to display them?
  • Would it take a lot of effort for someone to mod the GUI so it provides touch-support (for tablets)?
  • Will it be easy to add functionality to in-game items / NPCs. E.g. to open a dialogue if you click on an NPC, or open a chest-menu if you click on a chest?
  • Will modders have easy access to all design elements (icons, models, art, etc.) which will be shipped in the initial game? The opposit would be using some proprietary formats and packing files, etc.
  • Will you include statistics in the game, which can be accessed by mods, e.g. amount of trees chopped, workers died, etc.
  • Will it be possible to set transparency while importing models?

Any Updates in regards to water physics? Will i be able to change the course of a stream to bring the water close to my farms, or in a more extreme example, be able to flood my city for that vinice feel.


[Question] Will it be possible to make a female only village/world like in these anime’s?


{Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation (Hyperdimension Neptunia) - } -Top img-

{Battle Girls: Time Paradox - Wikipedia} -Bottom img-

  • will there be a customize menu for each game in the beginning (like, ultra flat word, bioms, rich minerals, animals, enemys and monsters, difficulty etc.)

Will the random world terrain generation be seeded?

i.e if we generate a cool map using the random generator, will we be able to replay that world with a seed code.


How is stuff like quality going to be parsed?
Both based on worker skill, and material.

It’s a big Dwarf Fortress thing, so I was wondering how it would come out in this game.
(It’s also a Minecraft thing. You can make a bunch of stuff from different materials, and it is not the same.)

Will there be more than one way to get extra desirable, possibly mystical materials? Not everyone would necessarily be interested, or equipped to kill the heck out of stuff to get materials.


Have you seen the 7 ways to die kickstarter as they’re doing the whole system where different materials have different structural capabilities that you were talking about doing in an earlier stream, is their system similar to what you have in mind?

how do you get the different genders of workers, is it like a 50-50 chance or is it a choice when you get a new worker

How do we get new villagers? I know this question has been shied away from in the past, is it still undecided what will be done with that?

[color=blue]Answer: deliberate choice/action (not based on wealth); in control of when you get new units (requires a trade-off)[/color]

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how will you change the color of the wool?

(on behalf of @BirdyNomNom)


I’ve read there will be like modules they include a traveling trader or with the bunny fraction:

  • Will there be a currency? (If yes, will your villagers also use this currency for taxes/buy food etc.)
  • Will you be able to send your own trader with goods on a journey? (And if yes, when you send him on a wide/dangerous journey without protection, he can get robbed or ambushed)
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