[Dear Tom] Live Stream 4PM PST - Oct 2nd 2013

as mentioned in today’s Desktop Tuesday, we’ll have another live stream tomorrow…

@Geoffers747 and i will grab some questions from the live stream bank, and collect them here, to make it easier for @Tom tomorrow…

feel free to post your new questions here as well… :+1:

I’ll be streaming again tomorrow, answering questions and working on…well whatever I happen to be working on at the time. You can tune in at Twitch.

please note: random comments of “heck yeah!”, while appreciated, will likely be removed to help focus on the questions… :smile:


some other helpful conversions:

Oslo (Norway) = 01:00 AM
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Trying to formulate questions related to the terrain update…

  • It was mentioned that we can create own “landscape” which will be tiled into the auto-generated ones. Is there a special size will be required to create, e.g. the size of the shown pictures to be tiled flawlessly?

The landscape is generated using 5 x 5 tiles, resulting in a map-area (as shared in the screenshot). The player might be able to create own “landscape” as one of this tiles which will be included in the map generation… at least this is my understanding without being able to review the comment once more.

  • The screenshots show large “steps” between the different terrains (e.g. plains and foothills). Will this be smoothen in the next step or will we have to modify the terrain with our workers to reach another terrain-level?

This “steps” are intentionally and will not be removed. The devs are thinking that this are nice, natural barriers.

  • Can we expect to see some small tiles of gras under the trees which are growing at the moment on the rocks? :wink:

Yes, there is more to come to make the landscape look nice.

  • Could you indicate what could be “namable” areas later in the game, based on the screenshot? Mountains? Forests? Plains?

  • Will there be parameters which we can adjust (e.g. a slider from “more plains” towards “more hills”) during the terrain creation for a new game?

Yes, the player can chose at the beginning if he wants to play on a map with more mountains, etc.

I like the terrain the way it is right now, as steps and levels, makes it more intresting and easier to build on

question ~ will higher level mountains be snow-topped? (you know what I mean)

It is mentioned in the Desktop Tuesday that trees will be more mature/larger in the center of forests upon world generation, with younger ones closer to the edges. *Will these outer trees simply mature to full size eventually like the central ones, and if so, will they simply stay grown, as in Minecraft, or will there be some state of decay/renewal in order to naturally cycle foliage (I believe Don’t Starve had a progression similar to this)?

I was just curious as to how trees and reforestation might be planned in this early stage. I’m looking forward to the development of the world!

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Separating for the sake of simplicity here, don’t blame me for double posting.

I want to know something – will there be plateaus, with plains/forests on high places? Because so far, I’ve only seen “habitable” terrain near what is presumably sea level, and I want to know if I can build a fortress city on a defensible mountain, which also has plenty of arable land/forest land/maybe a lake, because that would be cool.

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Also, if not, will it be possible to move “blocks”? Like, get a bunch of workers to wheelbarrow/shove/carry in their mouths a mound of dirt up a mountain and create farmable/tree-able land?

In addition, will there be pre-generated stairs, or levels with only one row of blocks between them so that a staircase isn’t necessary?

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Also, how will the world be generated? In “chunks”, a la Minecraft, or in continuous “swathes”, one row/column/pillar of terrain at a time?

Thanks, @SteveAdamo, that would have been nice for me to have thought of before… :sweat_smile:

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Okay here is my question.

I have seen the new terrain pictures and as with other pictures, I have been wondering, do you have to dig out stairs for them to get on top of the higher layer, because it would be a pain having dirt stairs for every level you are trying to get higher, if you only want them there temporarily, so is it possible to remove them or put dirt back there so It looks natural there, since it would annoying in the late game, to have some small dirt stairs behind a glorious castle or building.

-Will we ever get moas?-

Scratch that.

Will there be some form of adventure mode, similar to the one in Dwarf Fortress? How would the combat be handled?

[color=blue]mod edit:[/color] depends on what you are looking for… FP perspective wont be available however:

Can I take control of one of the guys in first person?

“No. That’s a whole other game. I’m serious, we have a design for a whole new game where you play as an adventurer in cities and worlds built in Stonehearth. We have to finish Stonehearth first though. ;)”

How easy will walls be to build/tear down for protection/expansion? Will they also take different amounts of time to break down depending on the material? Or will it be instantaneous but you only get a fraction back? Same goes for all other structures, too, ie ships, buildings, castles, etc.
By “easy”, I mean fast.

How will different biomes be separated will we see a sudden change in terrain when it is in a different biome type or will there be a gradual change when moving from one biome to another? Also will there be measures put in place to stop things like a desert biome spawning directly next to a swamp biome?

I believe some questions couldn’t be answered by the team a few live streams ago (maybe they have been answered now?), and I’d like to know if there is some more clarity :smile:

Do you have a definitive idea of how you will gain villagers?

Yes and no, we know we want it to have something to do with food, but we don’t know the specifics. I vote for spending the food to gain villagers, so you would have to make a choice on which things you want to spend your resources.

Do you have a definitive idea of how water will be handled?


And for myself:

Is it okay for me to add the Live Streams to Youtube?



Do we have a list of planned titans?

Just want to know so we can all plan our strategies accordingly also because I just love the idea of Titans and I want to know what Im up against

**Will the terrain (specifically mountains) deteriorate/ crumble as the game progresses, serving as a natural hazard? Or is this a process that stops once the world is generated? **

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Will there be really big mountains with caves in it?

and as i’m from europe…

Will there be earlier streams in the future? 1 am is pretty late here in germany :frowning:

[color=blue]mod edit:[/color] the 4PM PST timeslot has been the usual time for the last several streams… anything can change of course, but so far, that seems to be the preferred time

Oceans in generation;
Will there be oceans or just lakes/rivers?
Also, how will the water physics work? Would it be possible to build underwater at all?
Thanks :smile:

[color=blue]mod edit:[/color] water/water physics are being looked into, but will probably not be available for the FPB…

Will the terrain generator also be moddable? like color changes for example.

@Miturion EVERYTHING will be moddable, aside from the basic, lowest-level, “black-box” stuff. So yeas.

@chocobos There will definitely be rivers, as far as I can remember, and lakes too, although I’m not sure if a “water biome” will exist, ie an ocean a la Minecraft (everything is a la Minecraft, huh?), or at least has been confirmed yet, for FPB.

Will we be able to zoom out to the distance in the sample terrain shots?

Seems like it would be too far out to play effectively, but it would be so sweet for strategizing and screenshots.

Let’s see if this works…

Aww, no embeded video…