[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, General progress, terrain, and live stream tomorrow!

Another Tuesday another post with news…


Sweet pictures with possible future terrain! The message that it is “only” 40% done and that especially the mountains need a bit more love sounds like the right focus to me :wink:.


And we have also the next live-stream announced:

Live stream tomorrow, 4:00 PM Pacific


Hmmm. I definitely am keen to see the mountains at more than 40% done. Bit concerned if I’m honest of their aesthetic at the moment. However nice to see that the tiling system works infinitely! Good job Albert! :smile:

I wonder if Albert will have all the biomes right next to each other without gradual change to each other? Example have a snow and plains biome right next to each other and have no in-between biome.

P.S. Amazing Job with the Biomes Albert Keep it UP!

You mean the aesthetic of the mountains? Agree. At the moment they look just like “chunks” placed on the map. However, the spot where they are placed looks like it makes sense. I think the 40% refers to exactly this look and that they are not yet fully adjusted.

As far as I remember it was mentioned that the biomes will be accessible through some kind of “gates”, no? So we will probably not see different biomes next to each other. However, I think there will be still different vegetations which probably will merge nicely.

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I recall alternate planes being accessed in this way. I don’t remember much conversation with biomes in this respect.

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What is nice… if you take a look on the 3rd screenshot with the workers you will get a feeling for tthe size of the terrain. Even without the option to tile endlessly a map of this size might provide enough space for quite some time and advancement.

Also great to hear (over and over again) that the team is focusing on modability. Realy looking forward to try this out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

back home… what a welcome surprise! :+1:

time to pour over the update…

Go ahead, quite a nice update.

Taking a look on the priority list… could it be that this is also the feature list which we can expect for the beta in December?

This is looking really cool (insert heart here) I am definitely setting up in a sort of rocky valley
btw, the hearts seem to be broken, causing everything behind it to vanish, I had to insert a space

I’m kinda in and out at the moment (started back at Uni yesterday) - I’ll definitely tune into and (if they let me after last time) moderate the livestream as my schedule means I have Thursday free :smile:

The desktop Tuesday this week is just awesome - it’s amazing getting to not only see screenshots of the development process, but to hear the thoughts and reasoning of the team behind the things they do.

It’s got me all excited again!

Absolutely… I love the detailed explanation of Albert on the terrain generation. Terrain as strategical element, evolved over time… looking forward to how this looks like at 100% with some nice waterfalls, rivers, lakes… :wink:


ok, i know this was mentioned briefly before (as an objective), but to see it spelled out so matter-of-factly is just… awesome!

These shots represent roughly one square mile of landscape. The terrain engine can tile land indefinitely, so there will be no border or “edge” to the world.

Albert just went up a few pegs on the Christmas card list…

edit: i simply must build an outpost or small village atop one of those mountains… perched atop the landscape, keeping my enemies at bay… :heart_eyes:

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I want to know something – will there be plateaus, with plains/forests on high places? Because so far, I’ve only seen “habitable” terrain near what is presumably sea level, and I want to know if I can build a fortress city on a defensible mountain, which also has plenty of arable land/forest land/maybe a lake, because that would be cool.

Also, nice speed @voxel_pirate, you beat me to it this time!

Also, if not, will it be possible to move “blocks”? Like, get a bunch of workers to wheelbarrow/shove/carry in their mouths a mound of dirt up a mountain and create farmable/tree-able land?

Also, how will the world be generated? In “chunks”, a la Minecraft, or in continuous “swathes”, one row/column/pillar of terrain at a time?


my gut says “yes”… if we can get atop the mountains to acquire those rare resources, whose to say we cant plop down a settlement as well? here’s a portion of the overhead.png image, with a swath of land that would be perfect for a base…

edit: all in all, one of the more “meaty” blog posts we’ve had… love it! :+1:

Perhaps for a castle/keep, but what about your farmers and peasants? They would be mercilessly/hopelessly open to attack. That is, unless you want to employ a quarter of your town as an army/keep your castle and keep completely defenseless.

PS, I think it’s about time to open up the Livestream Question thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

well, you have minor fortifications around your farms and pastures below… with an accessible, but easily defensible means of getting to the higher, more protected portion, that has all the unit shops and housing… :+1:

za? there thread was posted about an hour ago… :smile:

Yes, argument/discussion!

Ah, but what if it is night, most of your men are asleep and unarmed, and a trogre (troll/ogre) attacks? What then? Your men are sleepy, so that’s likely a debuff, they need time to get armed, and by the time they get down to the site of the attack in enough numbers to repel the assault, said trogre has already taken out a solid 3-5 houses, eh?

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trogres sleep too, ya know

first of all, bonus points for trogre… how has no one capitalized on that yet? :smile:

second, i think you misunderstood my last… the farms and animals might be at risk when night falls, although i suppose you could keep a handful of soldiers on patrol around the area, but the bulk of your units would have returned (up) to the protected fortifications on the mountain plateau…

the entrance to which would be easily defensible by just a few guards, who work in shifts for continuous coverage…

i winz!

Ah, but what if you have not progressed to a point where your patrol soldiers (patroldiers?) aren’t numerous enough/equipped well enough that they can fight of a nocturnal trogre (noctrogre?)? And even then, who says that your city will have walls at that point in time?

Speaking of walls, I have another question to ask.