[Dear Tom] Live Stream 4PM PST - Oct 2nd 2013

Will different kinds of trees impact appearance/quality? What about the amount of wood to be harvested per tree?

@Axidion Yes to both, appearance and quality. Actually this was already answered in past streams. Tom also mentioned that they will adjust the amount of resources gathered from “nodes” later on as it is easy to do so while the game will be balanced.

I and many others want to use SH to create shows like Red vs Blue.

Will their be a special mode for us to uses for these purposes (similar to Source Filmmaker)?

If not, will their be an easy way to mod the game so it can be used for purposes of animation?

Any free alternatives to Quibicle Constructor you can recommend?

mod edit: Some quick notes on Qubicle Constructor, modelling, and animating

Will overcrowding have an impact on population/growth? As in, will too many trees in one area have an impact on the size/yield of the trees?

How would a backer who is also a YouTuber go about submitting their channel for early access?

I record with a few other people who also backed the game, and we would love to start promoting the game as soon as possible.

What graphics library do you use for Stonehearth (and IDE) ?

mod edit: http://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/stonehearth-announced-features/2361/10

They use Decoda for Lua as the IDE, and I’m not sure about the library… @voxel_pirate!

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