[Dear Tom] Live Stream 4PM PST - Nov 6th 2013

as mentioned in today’s Desktop Tuesday, we’ll have another live stream tonight!

So I’ll be creating lots of berry related art assets, while Stephanie rolls up her sleeves on the scripting, implementing the very idea of “hunger” and the AI to go find some food at eat it.

I’ll be streaming berry-related modelling and animation today at 4:00 U.S. Pacific time.

feel free to post your berry/eating and other relevant questions here… :+1:

please note: random comments of “heck yeah!”, while appreciated, will likely be removed to help focus on the questions… :smile:


some other helpful conversions:

Oslo (Norway) = 01:00 AM
Berlin (Germany) = 01:00 AM
Amsterdam (Netherlands) = 01:00 AM
Sydney (Australia) = 09:00 AM
Paris (France) = 01:00 AM
Moscow (Russia) = 03:00 AM
London (England) = 00:00 AM

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edit: archive link available here

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Do seasons change landscape too? For example snow in winter and ice instead of water.

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Since farming and hunting’s still a ways off, I figure foraging source like berries will make a great starting place in the first build for food acquisition. But one thing came up that I wanted to know, considering other games that include these sources…

Will berry plants be able to be regrown and how so? By simply planting the berry, or by collecting seed (or multiple seed) from the fruit? Also, since these are “wild” plants, will they be plantable in untilled soil?

It drove me crazy that bushes in Age of Empires simply existed at the beginning of your game, and they had no ability to naturally or manually grow back once they were collected.

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Season questions, 1 relevant to subject…

  1. Will seasons coincide with real life season shifts or will there be a set amount of time in game for each season?

  2. Will seasons change the appearance of creatures and monsters you fight? example: Goblins armor changes, certain enemies stop appearing.

  3. Will seasons change food available during each season? example: Certain berries don’t grow in Winter, livestock migration

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What if two mods change the model of the berry bush? Can those mods coexist?

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can we change the colour of the stockpiles without the need of a mod?

I don’t like bright blue. I want red. and not have it affect my game or make it so my friends have to download the mod

Will seasons not affect some biomes, for example deserts never snowing?
Also, will snow, ice and rain produce actual water?

Will there be recipes?

If we do have a cook, will there be a window for his profession just like the weaver, the blacksmith, carpenter ect. And if so, will you be able to, lets say, create a cook book of recipes you have tried and succeeded with and store it somewhere? Like perhaps a library where all your important crafting and other recipes/documents are kept, like in a stockpile so that the others can access them if need be? (You click on the library, then are able to choose which document to view)

We all know that the main recipes will always be in the main UI, however if, like i suggested, you made a cookbook then could you perhaps use it to add new recipes to the UI? Im sure this aspect would likely change if you decided to go with multiple AI’s for food (Baker, Chef, Butcher ect) Thanks for your time!

What can you tell us about member #6? Is it Hans Zimmer?

Edit: It is actually Hans ‘Doug’ Zimmer. Say hi to Doug guys!

will there be different kinds of wood therefor also planks and furniture.
or will that have to be added with mods?

This was already confirmed @GiantGw. There will be different kind of woods and items created out of it will have different look / attributes. However, you can add additional resources in for sure.

How long will it take for food to re-grow? Berries on bushes, apples on trees, wheat on a farm, etc.

Will you be forced to gain food from slaughter/ gathering in the beginning, before your crops can grow?

**Will pies give super buffs? I like pie! :slight_smile: **

Tom i was wondering if berries will be able to be planted. so if your berry picker picks 4 berries you can plant 4 berries trees. but it will take however long you all decide for the plant to actually grow because if it is to short people could just spam. just wondering. thank you.

Not sure if this as been answered or not, if so sorry.

  1. Will their be a special animation tool (similar to Source Filmmaker) for us to uses?
  2. If not, will their be a way for us to create a mod for the game. So, it can be used for animation?

@Skull24 you will be able to use your tool of choice, more or less. The only thing is that it will require an add-on, script, something to export your animation into the JSON-format which is used by Stonehearth. However, I think we will have such add-ons or scripts available for 3ds Max, Maya and Blender quite soon after the release… on some of them people are already working.

**Question will there be Regional cuisine? Such as foods special to one kingdom? Also will there be Bavarian Cream? -From a person who loves Deutschland Dishes :smile: **

** Will there at least be Milk?!?!?! **

link to the archive is here, and also in the live stream question bank thread