[Dear Tom] Live Stream 4PM PST - Oct 17th 2013 - PART II

continuing from yesterday’s stream (and thread), here’s a new one for tomorrow… we’ve dumped the questions in here that werent answered (and updated those in the original thread that were)…

fooooood! part deux…

I’ll be taking a first nibble at the eating/drinking systems in the game, mostly modelling and animating.

please note: random comments of “heck yeah!”, while appreciated, will likely be removed to help focus on the questions… :smile:


some other helpful conversions:

Oslo (Norway) = 01:00 AM
Berlin (Germany) = 01:00 AM
Amsterdam (Netherlands) = 01:00 AM
Sydney (Australia) = 09:00 AM
Paris (France) = 01:00 AM
Moscow (Russia) = 03:00 AM
London (England) = 00:00 AM
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from @voxel_pirate

Will food be mandatory to grow your town or will it just provide a buff? I.e. will workers starve / stop working if hungry?

Did you already decide if the size of a town’s population will be depending on the food you can provide?

Will there be a storage for food, or do players have to diversify (e.g. growing cows and crops) to survive the hard winters with less harvest?

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from @Geoffers747

Will crops be dependent on the seasons? As in, will certain crops grow better at certain parts of the year, allowing the player to maximize yields by focussing on crop rotation? Or is this a bit too micro?

from @jtomkinson90

Will there be a food chain? e.g. wolves will eat rabbits; thus, if we focus on hunting wolves rabbit populations will grow and be a greater threat to our crops. Conversely if the wolf population is not controlled they will pose a threat to settlers and there’ll be less rabbits for us to hunt.

a collection of non food specific questions:

from @yuxinma2005

regarding unit/task priorities, can the player adjust those on the fly? can you elaborate on the priority system?

from @Skull24

Will their be a special animation mode (similar to Source Filmmaker) for us to uses ?
If not, will their be a way for us to mod the game. So, it can be used for animation?

from @Zilla

How hard will it be to keep a settlement alive?
How big will worlds be?

from @smokey

will there be a role limit? like for example you can only have a certain amount of farmers or is it as many as you like?

from @naturalnuke

will biome terrian have effects ,benefits, and de-buffs?

How long will the day night cycle be in real time?

Due to the current limit of water mechanics/presence in the world for the first public version, how will irrigation for crops be initially handled?

Will there be some sort of placeholder object like a pump or well (where a physical body of water wouldn’t be present but would still “supply” water to a specific area), or will irrigation be currently left out of the equation and introduced later?

How hard will it be to take the raw food (wheat crops, potatoes, carcass, etc.) to edible food??

Would we need to stick mainly to hunting and growing fruit/vegetables/rice until we can build the infrastructure for things like mills?

Some fairly common foods like wheat even in ancient time needed at least one secondary class (assuming bakers made the flour by hand), however for a starting city that might be hard. Since the focus of this seems to be more about what to do with the food and we have some decent ideas of how to make the food but we don’t really know anything about how to get it from on to the other.

will there be foods you can only obtain through trading?

I was away on October the second, where the stream was, and I am not sure if my question has been answered, since the stream hasn’t been uploaded.

here was my question

I have seen the new terrain pictures and as with other pictures, I have been wondering, do you have to dig out stairs for them to get on top of the higher layer, because it would be a pain having dirt stairs for every level you are trying to get higher, if you only want them there temporarily, so is it possible to remove them or put dirt back there so It looks natural there, since it would annoying in the late game, to have some small dirt stairs behind a glorious castle or building.

hope you can write the answer below if you aren’t gonna answer it, thx in advance :slight_smile:

Perhaps not so much a question, but as the topic is food, and after watching Tom try to make a berry, i just had to.
To Tom: Why not make berry clusters similar to how this modder made grapes? (second and third image)

They are more natural-looking, and more resemble the images you used as inspiration in the previous livestream.

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Yes, that was said in the last livestream. He wants for each “level” to be a sort of protective barrier, and its your decision to connect them together.

Question: Will the landscape change over time? For example, if said really-awesome Fire Mage from Tuesday’s livestream blows up in a field, will rain/wind/etc slowly erode the resulting crater into a flat area again? Or perhaps the opposite, like it will get wider and bigger and needs to be stopped before it engulfs your town?

Likely not, incredibly difficult to do. Maybe some time in the distant, distant future…

How much control will there be over magic? Will it be limited by chance to what comes with the arcanist-wagon-merchant-ratman-guy? Or will your settlers be able to research their own, more stable forms of magic? Or perhaps it will be tied to equipment - a ring embues the wearers mind with a calming power/arcane knowledge, allowing him/her to summon one more golem under his/her command or perform a new spell, like summoning a blizzard.

No Magic answers, sorry!

If you at one point have a high-level craftsman of some sort, if he dies, would some of his recipes/skills be able to transfer to his successor? This would occur if, say, a Chronicler or Scribe or whatever wrote down some of his secret techniques/recipes for Blahblah Blah. Would the successor(s) then be able to consume/read the book/scroll and gain some of that secret knowledge back, instead of you having to wait for a long time for your new guy to reach the old guy’s level? EX: If Lv 7 Blacksmith dies, no other Blacksmiths, new Lv 1 Blacksmith is assigned. Lv 1 Blacksmith cannot craft Iron Armor/Weapons, but by reading some of late Lv 7 Blacksmith’s books, he can either A) level up faster or B) instantly gain access to some of his old recipes, like maybe a Tungsten Blade?


Concerning food, Will “unhealthy foods” have a negative impact over a long period of time? Like, if some one ate only beef/chicken/rice, and nothing else, would they eventually suffer from obesity, stamina loss, decreased health, etc?


Will there be sugar, tobacco, and other crops like that? It might be cool to have a veriety of ‘non-expected’ crops in-game!

Are elves gonna be added in-game? You said traces before, but no definite answer. It would be interesting to have lots of fantacy races!

Dragon titan(s)? There is a dragon pet for kickstarter backers, but will there we a dragon’s den in a mountain with a dragon? Maybe with lot’s of gold things behind her!

Dear Tom,
How big will the worlds be? Will you be able to trade with other people’s (or another one of your town) town?
Finally why do you make me wait so long for the early release, quit dragging me on & just finish me off!

It was mentioned that they will be more or less endless, i.e. you will probably not reach the end. However, the focus is on town building and not on exploring.

It was also mentioned that there will be “traders” and NPCs with whom you can trade. I remember that they would also like to add exchange between players, once multiplayer to support this is in place.

Hi :smile:

Can you tell me if i will play multiplayer, can i show my friends and play with them on my world ?


DRAGONS ? WHAT ABOUT DRAGONS :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !!!

ok folks… archive link from tonight’s stream… will go through it later, and update this thread accordingly… :+1:

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@samaelll … on multiplayer you might find this thread interesting, although it will not answer all questions you might have in this direction:

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