[Dev Blog] Live Edition! 4:00 PM U.S. Pacific - TODAY! (ask questions here)


archive from tonight’s stream: Twitch

:point_right: time & date

some other helpful conversions:

Oslo (Norway) = 01:00 AM
Berlin (Germany) = 01:00 AM
Amsterdam (Netherlands) = 01:00 AM
Sydney (Australia) = 11:00 AM Saturday
Paris (France) = 01:00 AM
Moscow (Russia) = 03:00 AM
London (England) = 00:00 AM

as opposed to creating another Dear Tom thread, and given that the stream is TODAY, let’s just utilize this thread… :smiley:

as requested in the blog, please focus questions on the following:

  • Farming
  • The overall job system
  • UI tweaks
  • Save/Load preview!
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Pumpkin looks awesome! And I should actually be able to make a stream too! :smile:

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  1. what tools and crops are anticipated for the first pass at farming?

answer: between two and four crops (ex. corns, turnips, lettuce)

  1. with the introduction of farming, has there been any initial work on irrigation (and irrigation systems)?

answer: carpenter will build wooden pipes for irrigation, but not in the first cut (we need water first)


Would it be possible to crossbreed plants into new ones?

answer: no crossbreeding

^ yet he said. Maybe very late after the other stuff is made :slight_smile:

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Aw man, I won’t be able to make it. Shame. If someone could provide what @Tom said about my questions, I’d be very grateful. :smile:

  1. Will farming be easy to pick up and go? Or will it require some time to learn?

answer: easy to pickup, opportunities to optimize

Seeing it may be one of the first things you do, I’m assuming you’ll be able to set up a quick farm, and then later be able to make more complex ones.

  1. Will animals (and rude citizens) be able to ruin crops by standing and/or running over them?

answer: not in the first cut, but eventually, yes (will need defenses)

This just seems a bit more realistic when it comes to farming. Animals being able to eat and trample crops means they get ruined? More reasons for fences.

  1. Will grown food (once eaten) provide buffs that make workers work harder/faster?

answer: yes, but they have to balance it

It would provide a reason to grow crops, because as far as I see it (other than to learn how it works), you can just get loads of food from berry bush patches.

  1. Will new foods (and buffs if the question above is a “yes”) be easily moddable?

answer: yes

I’m assuming a “yes” for this one, as quite a lot is moddable… but would it be easy to include new growable foods and such? I’m sure a fair few mods would like to add growable food (looking at you, @Avairian).


Could we cook the harvest like make some breads?

So is there going to be a cook classes?

Could we choose the size of our farms?

How many kind of classes do you want to implement to your game?

Thanks. I hope you could answer my questions=P

Mod Edit: “1) Yes. Basic crops will be ingredients for crafted food. 2) Yes. Though we don’t want individuals like butcher and chef etc. 3) Absolutely. 4) We think we’ll have roughly 20-30 crafting classes.”

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Can farmed items be used for things other than food?

Such as cotton for cloth. And pumpkins for cool jack o lantern lights! :jack_o_lantern:

Mod Edit: “An excellent question. Absolutely. On the right track. Tom also said cool name.”


This question has to do with food, but it’s a bit more directed to some of the classes already mentioned–specifically, classes that you are able to control manually.

How will eating work with exploring units like the hunter/trapper? Will the settlers be able to store prepared food in their backpack while travelling, as well as pelts and raw meat?

Mod Edit: “A good question for which I lack a good question. It isn’t so much of a problem for the trapper because he can make his own food. We don’t want you to have to manage this stuff; oh no, my trapper’s hungry etc. but we don’t really know.”


My guess is that certain foods may increase work speed a tad. Also the main “buff” I can see is hunger saturation. Berries will most likely become a poor food source by lowering their saturation (I thought I saw saturation levels somewhere before).

Why looking at me? What am I suppose to do, make amazing sushi and rice balls?!? :wink:

Anyway my question. . .
How goes the moding API improvements? Specifically influencing the terrain genearator? Sorta crafting related, it’ll make adding some of my crafting ideas a little easier. :smiley:

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The timeanddate link tells me it’s at midnight in Brussels (and Paris)
But your post tells me otherwise.

:question: :question: :question:

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so, the stream begins at 4PM PDT (as the team is based out of California, USA)…

the time & date link is supposed to capture your own current timezone (based on your PCs settings) and show the corresponding time for the event, in your timezone…

did i post something to the contrary though? :sweat:

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Unless you guys are on summertime time now(?) you should be I believe 1:00 AM…certainly its still 0:00 AM in the UK, though our clocks are set to change very soon…

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Nah, summertime starts this sunday only. Right now it’s 19h35 and the timeanddate link says that it’s 19h35, so I would say the site is right and the stream will be at 00h00 in Brussels (which would mean Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam too at least).

With the advent of the Farmer class, and the already established Trapper, how do you guys predict food/item distribution will work in future releases of the game? That is, will villagers still take food/items from a “community pool”, or will there eventually be an internal economy? That is, will a farmer sell their wares to laborers and trappers, and vice-versa?

Mod Edit: “No we’re just going to keep everything as shared property to keep the game manageable. You will be able to trade with outside entities but everything you own can be accessed by everyone.”

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Wait a minute, I think I know what’s going on…@SteveAdamo have you guys changed your clocks yet? Because if so, I don’t believe the rest of Europe has yet so I think briefly it’s UK 23:00, Paris 0:00, perhaps?

Will there more micromanagment like the trapper? or will there be a fix later so that we can decide if the trapper needs mircomangment or not? :wink:

PS: at the start is the micromangment nice but later with a big settlement it will be a problem :wink:
PS2: @SteveAdamo like Timber&Stone ^^

Mod Edit: “We know we don’t want a lot of micro. We started off not wanting any, but now we wanna see how a little works with the trapper. We’re still balancing.”

Will farming be possible everywhere or will certain types of land only allow certain crops? How will altitude affect farming? Will some areas (such as grassland) be suitable for all crops?


what is the -current- anticipated order of new professions to be introduced?

had to toss in at least one more generic job related question… :smile:

Mod Edit: “Next is farmer. Then weaver. Then mason. Somewhere around the time of these should be the first combat class of swordsman. Then archer. At that point you should have basic combat, food collection and tier 2 crafting.”

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Will we be able to get potted plants?

Will we have manure/fertilizer?

MOST IMPORTANT --> Will food go bad???

ALSO IMPORTANT --> Will there be a creative mode?

Mod Edit: Yes Yes (talked more about it earlier but I missed it) Yes Yes