[Dev Blog] Live streaming Today and Thursday, 4:00 PM PST



The key message… “Two Live streams this week!”

P.S. I love the screenshot and DO hope that our people will start like that :wink:.



ahem Thank you, Voxel_Pirate. I am glad that someone was on watch. Now, if you’ll excuse me…


/me ahems again Ok, sorry guys.



I agree, they should start in their loincloths :stuck_out_tongue: cavemen for the win


Looks a lot like the equipment pieces that contains the ‘AI for coding’ script. :smile:.
I am not able to watch, but hope to watch it tomorrow.


voxel loincloths… i can die a content man now… :smile:

/me heads off to read


I really hope they remeber to archive this time…


These streams are so late for most other countries, starts at midnight here D:
Though I am glad they even exist


@chocobos Let´s hope the archive works again, so we can watch it tomorrow :wink:.


Lol went straight to the forums, Thank god you put this up or I wouldnt have noticed it was Desktop Tuesday until It was too late


… somehow I have the strong desire for a “cave men”-mod now. Don’t know why.

Btw. very interesting part in the details to this weeks Desktop Tuesday:

In Stonehearth, you will be able to associate AI scripts with a piece of equipment. So the scripts for chopping trees, hauling, and other workman-like tasks are associated with the “Worker’s outfit” equipment piece. The AIs for crafting are associated with the “Carpenter’s outfit.” When a citizen takes off one outfit and puts on another, the AIs are swapped out as well.

This might even open up some tactical and strategic options in case you have an opportunity to swap the equipment on the way. E.g. having an expedition corps which should gather some resources. Once some Goblins appear you swap them to fotmen…


there… fixed that for ya!

In Stonehearth, you will be able to associate AI scripts with a piece of equipment.

such a cool, happy-happy joy-joy moment for modders… thanks! :smile:


I imagine this is exactly how it will work :smile:

Mer Burlyhands has equipped loincloth

-10 armour points
+50% sex appeal

Mer Burlyhands is now looking for Mrs Burlyhands :wink: