[Dev Blog]Monster Stream This Tuesday!


I for one, do not want to miss this. Encounter ++ !!


the only thing that worry’s me slightly is the fact that we don’t know when it will start, so i dont know if i’ll be free when the stream starts… :worried:

other then that, it sounds awesome… :thumbsup:


Woohoo more mobs and enhanced combat! Alpha 13 just dropped and I want a14 already. Where’s that time machine I ordered?..

Well, this is good and bad. My folks are arriving tomorrow evening after my classes, meaning I might not get much time to watch…

But hey, I’ve been hoping for new creatures and mobs for a long time. Here’s hoping a few of them might use a projectile system (and the players can use this system with archers, too!).


I don’t like the livestreams to much.I always want to play stonehearth and not watch the devs play.
This is a must see event for me and sounds sweet!:heart_eyes:

the devs generally dont just play the game during the streams, they usually do work on awesome and upcoming features, :wink:


I would say it is quite rare to see them play…the extent of their “playing” is typically confined to micro-worlds when testing things. I have watched 25+ streams and can only remember 1 instance where there was any extended “playing,” and that was Tom testing out the new Biome…


Oh dear,lol
I’ve seen 2 streams.They were a bit boring and watching them work on the game made me want to play it.When I say"play" I meant to infer it more in the sense that they enjoy tinkering, playing,
devolping,ect. the game on livestream.When it comes to new classes I just get mad they can tinker with it before I do.I’ve got the same problem with Pantheon streams(the mmorpg I can’t wait to play)
I’ve done a few alphas and I do poorly with insomnia due to excitement caused by what I like to call
alpha or beta fever.When ESO was alpha and beta I lost alot of sleep 3 days nonstop for alph,2days for the beta…and then 3 days for early access.I do very poorly.Please don’t hype me to much I’ll
loose sleep.


mental note made. :wink:

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hahaha… thanks for dumbing it down for us lay folk TR! :smile:

On Tuesday — that’s tomorrow, November 24

and woohoo! love the new artwork Allie! :+1:

edit: stream just went live! :smile:


He took a lunch break back in a hour.
The ents look cool.:grinning:

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