Dev stream #259

So, there was a dev stream sometime this week that I missed because I thought the new sched was just going to be Thurs night. Does this mean that the sched has changed and there won’t be one tonight? If so were can I find the new sched because doing a topic search didn’t help and the only official Stonehearth twitter I could find(which is how most streamers announce any changes to their streams.) Hasn’t made a tweet in almost two years.



We stream our development!

Weekly Dev Streams: Thursday, 6:00pm PST

Quarterly Europe/Update Streams: Wednesday, 8:30am:
Wed, Feb 8th
Wed, May 10th
Wed, Aug 9th
Wed, Nov 8th

All those times are US Pacific time.

Come say hi and ask questions at

Yesterday morning’s steam was the first quarterly update. There will be a stream tonight (Nikki!).

Keep in mind some changes to the schedule for the next few weeks (lots of travel for the team):

Week of 2/13 – Should have a Desktop Tuesday as usual, but no stream on Thursday, 2/16.
Week of 2/20 and 2/27 – No Desktop Tuesdays, but streams should happen on Thursday 2/23, and 3/2
Week of 3/6 – Neither Desktop Tuesday nor Stream, as the team is heading to Boston for PAX east
Week of 3/13 – No Desktop Tuesday, but stream should happen as usual on 3/16


Thank you, that was extremely helpful.


Also, some of the streams are available as VODs here: Twitch

We’re also exporting the streams to the Youtube channel: YouTube


Good to hear macOS/Linux versions mentioned, but I was confused by what was said. It sounded like there is an increased chance that other platform alphas might be released, but no firm commitments.

That sounds like a bit of a tease really, apparent progress with no actual progress.

Thanks for the stream :slight_smile: