Stonehearth now available on Twitch ... Check Post #20!

I’m planning to stream Stonehearth. Sadly, Stonehearth isn’t listed in Twitch, yet. (Also if you are planning to stream you can still set the game via Nightbot for exmaple)

According to the Twitch support (Article) it is required for the game to have a proper (no stub) wiki page on GiantBomb. I already successfully submitted the game there and it got it’s own wiki page.

Twitch syncs the database every ~1day but for Stonehearth to be added it still needs to have a proper wiki page there. So feel free to edit the wiki page over there to make this possible!

You can still stream it, it doesn’t need to be an enlisted game, however I’m confused at the issue

You just contradicted yourself didn’t you? I’m confused what’s going on, you said you added it but that it needs to be added?

In order for Twitch to add games to their database it needs a proper (filled with information) wiki page. I was able to add Stonehearth to the GiantBomb Database but now it needs to get filled with information so that the wiki page is no stub anymore!

Ahhh! Gotcha! Well, I’ll go and add some stuff now, but I’d just like to ask @sdee whether it’s okay to do this, as the information will obviously be non-official and I don’t know if you guys want us putting stuff up on wikis. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, thanks!

Well it’s a Wiki for everyone to edit so that’s why I ask everyone who wants to contribute :slight_smile:

And yes of course you can stream without putting Stoneheart in but wouldn’t it be neat if you could? :wink:

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Well, my changes need approving, but I’m beginning to make them. :slight_smile:

I also added a few things!

It refuses to allow me to add a new release. I is sad. :disappointed:

Curious how the Wiki will look like when they approve the changes :slight_smile: Hope we can make it out of stub and then into Twitch!

Did you try to set the release on the main page (game details) or in the releases tab?

In the releases tab, I set it all up but when I pressed Submit Release, it did nothing.

Oh and hopefully there should be a new page for Radiant themselves :slight_smile:

Hm no idea :frowning: Never used GiantBomb before. So sad. Maybe the Game details need to be filled first in order for it to work or something?

Maybe. It wouldn’t let me do anything with the News either, so I couldn’t add that there was a new release there. I’m just trying to do anything I can :wink:

You’re welcome to put info about Stonehearth up wherever you like. :slight_smile: Thanks for spreading the word!


@sdee I hope you guys also don’t mind then that I took the liberty of adding some information to you guys’ own page as well, which was created when you were entered as the Developers. I apologise if it’s a bit out, you guys are closer to San Jose than San Francisco I think, but I couldn’t remember. I also couldn’t find surnames for @Doug or @Albert. I did what I could :wink:

Also guys, I added some more stuff. It seems to only be allowing me to alter the Game Wiki, the Images or any of the Related Pages, so I was forced to just add some information to the front page. Whoever said it was not only for PC, but Mac and Linux as well, I felt very funny about, since it’s not actually supported on Mac or Linux yet. Nevertheless, I left it and simply included in my entry to the Wiki that support would come later for Mac and Linux, in order to avoid confusion and disappointment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah I see they updated the Wiki. Hm the article I wrote on the Game Wiki (the main not the game details) got denied so this is still left to be filled. Did you wrote anything to the main Wiki Page on your last edit @Smokestacks?

I think it would be a good idea to change the info on the giantbomb page.

It currently reads: “Stonehearth is a game about exploration and survival in an epic fantasy setting.”

Stonehearth is primarily a city-building game is it not?

Well it’s way more than city-building in my opinion. Combat, Classes, Exploring etcpp isn’t it?

A good point @Hurracane. I believe the current description quotes this wiki, however perhaps the entire first two paragraphs would be more appropriate, as that begins to mention the city building and other important aspects. I’ve made the changes.

And yeah @Feoras I did, however it was only a few hours ago so’s gonna take a while to be approved. All of what I’ve actually gotten through as changes so far is adding info to the Game Details and Similar Games.

Edit: Can’t say I’m impressed thus far with Giant Bomb. Had changes denied for the main body because I talked in second person and used time-phrases like recently. It was claimed that this would quickly become out of date, however then I can just edit it? It was a possible 94 point change, so you can see the effort I put behind it, and now its just completely gone. Not impressed. :angry:

I can agree. My 130 point change got denied too. A bit annoyed too :frowning: Kinda a bummer Twitch syncs it’s game database with them. Like there is no backlink from Twitch to GaintBomb anyway so …

Alright guys, it’s done! After contacting twitch and giant bomb I was finally able to do all requiered steps and - Stonehearth is now on twitch!

This means, whenever you stream, you can now type in “Stonehearth” and can select it from the game list, so it says “… playing Stonehearth”!

Might also be interesting for you guys, @Smokestacks @SteveAdamo @Geoffers747 @sdee @Ponder @Tom :smiley: