Livestream - Animation and AI work - today July 19th at 4PM PST

stealing a page from @Geoffers747 playbook, why don’t we collect some questions for the event?

the stream will begin at 4PM PST (6PM CST / 11PM UTC / 1AM CET), but you can check your corresponding timezone here

as usual the stream can be watched over at the [url] twitch channel[/url], with an archived recording to be available once the stream concludes…

feel free to ask some questions in here, and if you like the question you see, “like it”… prior to the stream we’ll put the top 5/10 in this post for the team… :smiley:

some rules, because we’re mean like that…

  • please limit it to two questions per person (with a new post for each question)

  • like the questions you wish to see answered

ask away… t-minus 3 hours till the stream!

edit: link to the archived version is now available

I guess I picked the right day to mysteriously reappear!

I’d ask a question, but I don’t know what the stream is gonna be focused on. So I guess that will be my question since I only get one. :frowning:

What is this stream going to be focused on?

The finihsing of the day/night gauge from yesterdays flash stream id guess

i tried to squeeze it in the title, but it might not have been too descriptive… :smile:

it seems @Tom will be continuing his work on the day/night visual indicator, as well as:

I’ll be doing a new live stream tomorrow at 4:00 US Pacific time.
Right now I’m working on adding the concept of time to the game, so
we’ll be doing some animation and AI work to make our little guys
sleep when they get tired!

Question: Have you thought about roads until now? Can we build them or will they build automatic depending on how often civilians use specific ways?

Will there be nighttime specific events: stronger mobs, spooky ghosts, that sort of thing?

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Question: (maybe it is answeard already) Which development environment you use for scripting LUA, JS, C++?

Will it be possible to access files via Lua or JS, so you can read text from a file into your mod? And if yes, how?

you mean the IDE? this has been mentioned before, but unfortunately i cant find the reference… i believe @Tom mentions it in the animating the mammoth stream…

im pretty sure that was mentioned in the coding some UI stream, no? when @Tom was describing having an MP3 player?

perhaps i’m thinking of the relative path part of the discussion…

I have in my mind that in terms of the player it was more about having different files for translation purposes. My question is more related to text which you do not want to save in a variable (e.g. the description of the uber-sword you have created) but if you want to provide a .txt-file together with your mod which includes text or stories which can be imported and processed within the mod.

… hopefully I am not mixing it up.

What is the expected approximate final number of different classes?

And what is the skill tree layout so far? Fewer levels, bigger skills? Or infinite levels, with percentage boosts, like Cube World?

A homegrown version of Decoda is our LUA debugger. But we also use Sublime for text editing.

For C++ we use visual studio and for Javascript we use sublime and Chrome dev tools.

Why hasnt anyone asked if @SteveAdamo will be modeled as a mounted Titan on a Tricycle Mount?


Yes, since localizing text that embedded into code is a nightmare.
We have some custom lua functions that will help you easily get at .json and .txt files. For javascript, you can currently use the jquery load APIs, though we may yet wrap them in helper functions.

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Oh and one quick silly question… this will be my first livestream I’ll actually be home in time for. Is there a special chat that everyone uses, or does it just work through Twitch?

yes sir, the chat client built into twitch… :smiley:

Thanks for answering my question :smile: I just start scripting and watch out for debugger and so on :wink:

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All your names and descriptions and things should probably be in text files to allow for localization, otherwise people have to change the code which is bad. As far as I can tell at least all text that will be viewed by player should be localizable and thus in separate files.

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