25 June Live Stream: Coding some UI in in HTML and JS


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Thought about Lua and using tables as file format

Nice… just wanted to go to sleep, but what is more interesting? :smile:


Us Europeans don’t need sleep do we?


Nope, we are the tough cookies :cookie:.


My chat is not showing up :frowning:


Try changing your password, logging out, and logging back in. It seems to be a recurring issue due to Twitch’s password change notification.


@2_Zons Sometimes I have an issue with a plugin on Twitch… maybe try another browser?


Oh no! Keep refreshing. Or try another browser!


Got it to work. Thanks guys. didnt’ need to change browser.


First one for suffering @Geoffers747… :slight_smile:



I was looking forward to asking if we could have tourneys and have knights joust :cry: well…poop


Thanks for the stream… was a nice suprise and it is always great to see how you care about the community.


well, i was lazily floating in the pool, whilst you all were carrying on in the stream… see what i did there?

love the idea of a flash stream though… hope to see subsequent flashes! :smiley:

edit: for those that missed it, here’s the replay


…damn I missed it, well guess I’ll make an evening out of it popcorn and chips it is! :smile:


wanna share? … my mom said if im in bed by 10, i can sleep over… cool? :sleepy:


Joffers performed well during the stream.


dont say stuff like that… it just goes straight to his head…

finally getting a chance to sit down and listen now… but this popcorn needs more cinnamon…


popcorn and cinnamon, never heard of it e-e


Then you haven’t lived… Especially if you haven’t shared it with @SteveAdamo :wink:


amen brother…

so, i’m 9 minutes into the stream, and i’m already loving what i’m hearing… the crafting menu groups will be identical for every unit, and if the unit is capable of crafting an item within a given grouping (furnishings, weapons & armor), the item(s) will appear within…

i dunno, something about the crafting system just really works for me… its almost a mystery with each unit, as to what might be unveiled within a crafting block… :+1:

edit: and for what it’s worth @Tom, the content was not too heavy, and really quite interesting… granted, im a developer at heart (20 years of slinging code), but i think it was still very easy to digest for most folks…